Friday, December 28, 2012

"For A Special Moment"

My favorite day
My favorite restaurant
My favorite food
A new favorite book
A favorite person once stood here
And penned my favorite verse
My favorite family joins me
My favorite table

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"For Sunsets"

Majesty paints nightly
Masterpiece in motion
The greatest of all the greats
Can’t adequately capture,
For colors shift,
For clouds swirl
Evening brings a new canvas

"For The Gift Of Words"

I sometimes envy the animals,
Experiencing God’s creation—
Such a personal level,
Intertwined with beauty,
Enveloped in purpose without question

Then I remember what they do not have
Expression of experience
Sharing experience
Others of similar capacity,
Intertwined with beauty,
Enveloped in purpose,
Permission to question

Friday, November 30, 2012

"A Morning Prayer - II"

Thank you for the breath in my lungs
 I ask your blessing
Thank you for my wife
 I ask your blessing
Thank you for my children
 I ask your blessing
Thank you for this food
 I ask your blessing
Thank you for you
 I return your blessing

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"The Impotent Seven"

Never satisfied
Killing rage
Shattered the

Monday, November 19, 2012

“Daddy Be Thy Name”

Our father
 who art on Earth
Daddy be thy name
Thy tickles come
Thy jokes be fun
But forget not to teach us
Give us this day our daily hugs
And lead us in prayer
 as we pray for others
Guide us in learning the Bible
And deliver us to Sunday school
For thou art our example
 and our model
 and thou showeth us Jesus

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"You Want Cheese, Chesterton?"

Nothing’s quite better
Than pie a la cheddar
Or roast beef and Swiss
Served by a part-time miss

Now that I consider
(Your essay—what a winner!)
I realize that the cheese
Was not really what you mean

Outward march of urban sprawl
Made cookie cutters of us all
Persons under a steeple
Are now just lumped into “people”

Finely wrapped but flavorless bits
Just as fact’ry cheeses gave you fits
God made each—unique in His way
Trends and molds have taken that away

The countryside, where Creation peeks,
Glimpses of a kaleidoscope: souls who speak
Gifts, talents individualized
Sprinkling spice on our sacred human lives

Pris’ners to our own fast-minted design
Why bother thinking? Can I not just resign?
But God sent Jesus and made us all free!
(Hungry interruption: have you any brie?)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"C in History"


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"One Foot In Front Of The Other"

Cold air slaps you awake
Faces smile and photos take
Flurry of activity as you wait

A song is sung by all who’re there
Several now, with uncovered hair
Hand over heart, if you dare

Summoned to gather at the line
Arranged by best guessed time
Breaths held as tension climbs

A mighty blast the starter gave
Bobbing heads in a wave
So it begins for the brave

First of many corners rounding
Voices no longer loudly sounding
Hearts and feet, in rhythm pounding

Seems forever that you’ve done
In reality, only just begun
Proof is passing mile number one

Easily, steadily borne along
With the crushing, pulsing throng
Soon enough, the line stretched long

The sun shining down on my face
Concerned only with finishing this race
Steadily, steadily goes the pace

Take a break to tie your shoe
Halfway there and now some goo
Tiger’s eye on a silver flue

Many on the road, traveling east
Not all are runners: traffic’s increased
Only those who partake enjoy the feast

Pain increases with each step
Could have stayed warm and slept
Pushed through, joy from the depth

Round the bend, refuse to whine
Running hard across the line
Race is done and I am fine

Crowd of witnesses strain to see
A wiser One paid the fee
Life—it’s not about me

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Who is he with trouble?
Who is he with deep grief?
Who is he with quarreling wife and children?
Who is he who has a file full of customer reports?
Who is he who wakes with unexplained bruises?
Whose eyes are bloodshot?

Those who sit and stare at an empty glass,
Who long for the next cocktail

Gaze not at the crimson bitterness,
Nor the way the light dances on it
Don’t even consider how
It pours, again and again, from the bottle

Before the night is done,
You’ll be hypnotized
And hugging a toilet!

You’ll wander through hallucinations
You’ll say things to later regret
(perhaps even heresies and blasphemies)
You’ll want to sleep with the fishes
Or swing from chandeliers,
Shouting at the top of your lungs,

"I’m beaten and kicked,
but I’m not hurt!
Ha ha! Bring it on!
Barkeep, a round for all my friends!"

Then you’ll awake to find yourself alone,
Wondering how you’ll pay for tomorrow’s six-pack

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Kids of all ages
Classroom teachers)
Bouncing ball, blasting
Large league of little legends

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Tossing And Turning"

My bed is comfortable
My linens are cozy
It’s not that I can’t sleep
I don’t want to
The dreams I have frighten me:
Flames of fire, eternal burning!
All night long
Tossing and turning

The temple is packed this morn
The birds are selling
The sheep are shorn
Money changes hands with a grin and a wink
"It is a good day," I pause to think
A flash—a memory from last night
Fear grips me, I’m on my knees
There it is! The fire I saw!
It’s in his eyes
Chaos and noise!
Shouts and alarms!
Boxes tossing, tables turning

Who is he?

Another sleepless night
But now I must know
I venture out
To greet this man—how?
A compliment will break the ice
But he turns on me—that fire in his eyes!

I was wrong: this one’s a loon!
Wants me back inside my mother’s womb?

He speaks of earth
He speaks of wind
He speaks of love
 greater than my sins

The fear is gone
But questions remain
All night long
Tossing and turning
Something deeper, inside me yearning

Who is He?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Other Duties As Required"

Meg'phone student number namer
Young man necktie rearranger

Honor guardian flag retrainer
Sometimes solo color-raiser

Onsite website email helper
Up there high-reach spider-webber

Just for students Scripture-quoter
Snack time lunch time package op'ner

Clothing brand name tag inspector
Lazy feline stage-play actor

Cook time oven food advisor
Insect antics strategizer

Orphans mar'thon 'ticipator
Rooftop loafer 'mancipator

Friday, September 14, 2012


God builds our lives like a house,
From foundation to crown molding
Not everyone used is permanent
Some are only scaf’olding,

But without them,
The house could never be finished
Your life is enriched,
If only for a minute

When, in the course of life,
The Lord brings you a friend,
And then that person moves on,
The relationship shouldn’t end

Even if the time together
Could have been better spent
Don’t neglect the people you love
You don’t know—they could be sent

On a mission, a new path, or just a trip
We never know when they’ll depart,
So we must make the hours count
And treasure them in our hearts

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"In Remembrance"

This evening I sat pondering
My mind drifted, wandering
Over the past eleven years
Have we forgotten our fears?

Out the window I gazed
Sun setting, the sky ablaze
I remember where I was
It’s clear, absolutely no fuzz

English class, at a computer
Teacher absent, never missed her
The door swung wide
“National Guard, get outside!”

Several students left
I remained with the rest
Didn’t know what startled these folks
Found what I thought was a hoax

Some Hollywood hype
Another site I typed
CNN and NBC confirmed
The towers twin—burned

I return back to the now
My dinner finished—but how?
Outside, beyond the glass,
Three flags, raised to half mast

City, state, and nation
One didn’t move from its station
Amazing how even Old Glory
Takes its part in this story

The wind was blowing
Two flags flowing
The third? Motionless,
Drooped in remembrance

Distracted by a flock of birds
Then I remembered those words
Of Mr. Francis Scott Key:
“O say—can you see?”

Friday, August 31, 2012

"I Am New"

I lay my life down
For the sake of You my King
You laid Your life down
You gave me everything

I am new
I am new
All because of You

I am new
I am new
All because of You

I lay my life down
For the sake of You my King
You laid Your life down
You gave me everything

I am changed
I am changed
You made the Great Exchange

I am changed
I am changed
You made the Great Exchange

I lay my life down
For the sake of You my King
You laid Your life down
You gave me everything

I am changed
I am changed
You made the Great Exchange

I am changed
I am changed
I'll never be the same

You made the Great Exchange

I'll never be the same

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I will do as you ask
I must, however,
Preface this task:
“This is a color?”

I know it as food
Served warm with butter
Fluffy, flaky, wonderful mood
“May I have another?”

Sausage, hot, with gravy
And an egg—boil it!
To the store, for savings!
“Will you buy a toilet?”

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Hearing Father's Glory"

Simon and Cleopas
Walking to Emmaus
Saddened consternation

Up came a stranger
Asked about the danger
Joined conversation

Stranger told a story:
“Hearing Father’s Glory”
The plan of salvation

Men couldn’t be kinder
Broken bread reminder
Personal revelation

Walking from Emmaus
Simon and Cleopas
Witnesses to the nations

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"No More Circles"

Those people followed Moses
They went around in circles

I worked driving buses
I went around in circles

Now we've crossed the Jordan
God brought us to our Promised Land

"I'm So Drunk On God"

I'm so drunk on God
I'm so drunk on God
You might call it odd
But me?
I call it God

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Jesus On My Mind"

You take my breath away
My heart is all aflutter
I'm weak in the knees
I'm undone
Take me, Lord!
Take me!

Monday, July 30, 2012

"The Sword Of Solomon"

Two mothers grieving
One of them thieving
Before the king
Justice seeking

Only one child crying
One woman clearly lying
"Enough!" Solomon roared.
"Each gets half this ward!"

Liar agrees
Makes no further plea
Real mother travails
God's wisdom prevails

Friday, July 27, 2012

"So Thirsty"

So thirsty
So tired
Third time to the well today
Watering my man’s sheep
When do I get a drink?
So thirsty

Now this other guy wants a drink!
Not happening—he’s a Jew
Any water from me would be “unclean”
Now he offers me—crazy loon!

“Never thirst again,” says he
Now this, this I have to see!
He wants to meet my man
(Even though he’s really not mine)
Will I ever be worth anything
 as just me?

So thirsty

He knows!
But how?
He must speak with God

A question burns
So thirsty
I ask
He answers
O, what an answer!

My vessel shatters
I run
Tell everyone I meet,
“Come see! Come see!”

I’m quenched
But they—
so thirsty

“Come see! Come see!”
Watering His sheep

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Something drink
Something meat
Something salty
Something sweet

Friday, July 13, 2012

"Epic Thistle"

Fell, O bee leavers,

Stine wheeze eat tings trait
Cheese is slurred, lettuce top the eight
Olive Arty references
Olive Arty nom in a shuns

No one, duh, know won want stew joy
Wee! Are shelves doughnut a greed?
Dew wee fall! Oh, Doc Trinn, soft mint
Order weird dove-cod: rice the slurred

Bad ties come, you can fish, Lee
Rink, stance: tie the plea
Half wee! Eva’s top two bee leave
Hat wee! Ken word’s hip inn you knitting

Aching dome've arts
Whit cheesy sat this tart
Top Ted, I’ve hide
Lettuce wok tug ether
And an and hand sighed buy sighed

Sun-seared Lee,

A. Kristy Ann

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"This Race"

This race is your race, this race is my race
From the black-skinned tribesmen, to the yellow Asians
From the brown and red folk, to the fair-skinned Irish
This race was made to worship God

It’s more than skin tint (we all bleed red blood)
We’re all descended from the seed of Adam
Remember Jesus: we all have grace now!
This race was made to worship God

Friday, July 6, 2012

"A Morning Prayer"

Good morning, Lord!

Thank you for the breath in my lungs
Thank you for the joy in my heart
Thank you for the spring in my step
And for the dreams you gave me while I slept

Thank you for my house
Thank you for my children
Thank you for my wife
Thank you, Lord, for all you do in my life

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Forgiveness 451"

I’m almost there
Forty-less-one to go
Seventy times seven is the max
After that I hold a grudge

He keeps hurting
Keeps “repenting” too
I don’t buy it and now
It’s me in front of the judge

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"A Moment Of Awe"

Socrates would readily agree:
Behold! What Beauty!

As she lies in repose,
Here is what I suppose:

To capture this moment,
Parade it before the world,
Enraptured that She has been found!

Then, upon seeing the ring,
I realize:

I already have

Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Hail To The King"

Hail to the King, He who chose us ere creation!
Hail to the King: we’ll worship Him, one and all!
Hail to the King as we rest in His salvation:
Humble fulfillment of His great, holy call

Yours is the name by which all men are savèd
This you have done, if only we’ll believe
Hail to the one who descended from King David!
Hail to the Almighty! Hail to our King!

"(Beached) White"

Foamy waves breaking
Puffy clouds floating
‘Coaster knuckles gripping
Ocean spray happily splashing

Distant boats sailing
Chattering gulls eating
—bloated bird—pooping
Carefree teeth happily flashing

"Seashore Crescendo"

Wind whispering
Happy clapping waves
Ebb and flow of traffic
Rock and reggae blaring
Laughter of children playing
Attention starved gulls chattering
Thumping hearts of lovers young and lovers old

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"It's The Law"

Twinkle, twinkle, lights ahead
Could be orange or blue and red
It’s not really worth a frown
Just move over or slow down
Twinkle, twinkle, lights ahead:
Now the workers shall not dread!

"The Sword Of Daniel"


By sword,
By flame,
By captivity,
By spoil they fell

Persia, once lush and green,
Is now, in the desert, unseen

Sin sat enthroned
Selling souls, dealing stones

Babylon the great is defeated
Once for all, king unseated

Daniel’s sword:
Jesus’ word

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Father's Day V"

Slept in late
Wrapped surprises
Superhero boys
Great things in little packages
Heart touched by sermon
Brief road trip
Home cooked meal
Slobber doggie ball
Naked belly flops
Twinkle, twinkle little smiles

Tears of joy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Be Afraid"

Be afraid.
I shall not
sleep well tonight,
for I will
my sins from today
the wrath of God:
He consumes
my every thought.
my savior?
my savior!
my every thought.
He consumes
the wrath of God
my sins from today.
For I will
sleep well tonight.
I shall not
be afraid!

Monday, May 28, 2012

"To Put Into Verse"

To put into verse
A life-changing encounter
Takes away its worth
Reduces it with closure

A poem I could publish
even leave on a shelf
Rather than write it
I will be the song myself

The event demands a response
but words come with such ease
I was replanted—firmly ensconced—
and a tree only waves in the breeze

Monday, April 30, 2012

"We Three Boys"

We three boys of captivity
Loving God, we chose not to eat
Pepp’ry spices, sacrifices
Refused the idol meat

 O God our savior, God of might
 Lord with royal beauty bright!
 Ever speaking, still repeating
 Thy Word to our ears’ delight!

Soon the king announced he was proud:
Work of gold, demanded we bow
Fiery furnace, he would burn us
Still we did not go down

 O God our savior, God of might
 Lord with royal beauty bright!
 Ever speaking, still repeating
 Thy Word to our ears’ delight!

King afraid, he begged us recant
Fearing God, we declared, “We can’t”
Angry sire: “Stoke the fire!
Live longer? No they shan’t!”

 O God our savior, God of might
 Lord with royal beauty bright!
 Ever speaking, still repeating
 Thy Word to our ears’ delight!

Bold the king, he sat back and beamed
Three went in but four men were seen
“They’re deserving, yet not burning!”
Pondering what this means:

 “O God their savior, God of might
 Hebrews’ God is surely right
 Ever speaking, still they’re preaching
 His Word is believers’ life!”

These three youths of legend and more
Legacy we shall not ignore
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
Proclaiming Christ is Lord!

 O God our savior, God of might
 Lord with royal beauty bright!
 Ever speaking, still repeating
 Thy Word to our ears’ delight!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"O Beautiful"

O beautiful in Heaven’s light,
How can we be with You?
For contrast us with holiness
There’s nothing we can do!
Jesus the Christ! Jesus the Christ!
You took our sin away!
You nailed it to a rugged cross
And gave us a new day!

O beautiful Thy sacrifice,
Thou perfect lamb of peace:
Gave up your life and forgave us,
Revoking satan’s lease!
Jesus the Christ! Jesus the Christ!
Redeemer of the lost!
And come quickly to claim thy Bride,
Those ransomed at great cost!

O beautiful Thou holy Lord,
We worship Thee above,
For wonder and in gratitude
Your everlasting love!
Jesus the Christ! Jesus the Christ!
God shed His grace through Thee
And crown thy brow with righteousness
From birth to victory!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Caught In The Act"

I found myself needing him
Never thought we’d fall to sin
He embraced me
Then disgraced me
And left me alone again

I started to sob
Then came an angry mob
Broke down the doors
Dragged me on floors
Even kids began to cod:

 “Married, married!
 Quite contrary!
 How d’you like the taste of stone?”

Postponing the task,
They pause to ask:
“Worthy teacher,
How would Moses reach her?”
Strain to see thro’ teary mask

Ignoring my hurt,
He draws in the dirt
Now he rises
Sees their disguises?
“The sinless may throw first”

 (Glaring, staring)
 Stones they carried
 One by one they drop, echo

I am shocked
I was not rocked!
He looks me in the eye
“None to condemn, nor shall I”
True love unblocked

He turns to leave
I long to cleave
Stops at the door,
“Go. Sin no more.”
I am, of shame, relieved

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Time To Die"


Blood boiling





Time to die

Not really God’s will
Time to die
Not ready

Please God!


Need a priest—
Need a lamb!

Who is that?
Governor questioning
No response
Silent before accusers

Not like me
Not at all

Governor questions
Crowd this time

They shout my name
What was the question?


Time to die
Not ready

Soldier approaches
Sneering and smirking
Raises fist
Jingle of keys?

Hands unbound
Shoved down hall
Pushed out door

Bright sunlight

But now I see
I am pardoned
I am free
He took my place

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Interview Answers"

As much wood as he could
Seventy-seven inches
Not likely
Usually not
Depends on the size of the swimming pool
Glue (and bubblegum)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"I Have My Being"

I’ve built up an indelible façade
So glad you love me, God

You see right through me
But still you come unto me

I’m done in, this “me” you’ve undone
Shared your life, gave up your son

A vapor in the wind am I
Here one moment, then I fly

Because of unveiled lovely face,
I revive, breathing in your grace

I may only be a moment
But I’m yours, and that’s worth it

It’s on you that I must lean
And through you, Lord, I have my being

Sunday, January 29, 2012


pursued with patience
hugged by hope
caressed from the cross
kissed by kindness
warmed by wisdom
groped by grace
aroused by atonement
flushed by faith
pulsing with peace
ravished by righteousness
glistening with glory
held by holiness
seduced by my Savior