Thursday, February 9, 2017


I was surfing when I found this
Forgive me if you’ve seen before
But I have to share this info
I’m pretty sure this one’s a score

This guy was all charming
To those in studio audience
Showing off a product’s best features
Testifying, trying to convince

‘Cause he says, “Another thirty minutes,
Deal is over, oops out of time!”
So right now I’m gonna buy it ‘cause it’s $19.99

I was clicking when he added,
“This is awesome, but wait, there’s more!
Act now, we’ll double offer!
Deals like this aren’t in the stores”

Stuff is all around me
But my shelf is not yet full
Time to instant gratify
“Credit by phone or go online, use PayPal”

‘Cause he said, “Another twenty minutes,
Deal is over, oops out of time!”
So right now I’m gonna buy it ‘cause it’s $19.99

Friday, December 30, 2016

"Morning Noises"

Police and fire sirens blare
An early emergency somewhere

Neighbor’s water squeaking thro’ the pipes
Two cats clawing each other’s stripes

Traffic hums and honks, tires squeal
In such a hurry…what’s the big deal?

Mower of lawns and whacker of weeds
Garbage man missed: in-reverse beeps

Nearby pickup started and revved up loud
I’m not quite used to this urban crowd

Cell phone buzzes, again I slap the snoozer
I wonder: would I prefer a rooster?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

"I Don't Wanna Go Sleep"

I don’t wanna go sleep,
I’ve had too much caffeine
There’s a million things that I could do,
Just time me: fifteen!

I don’t wanna go sleep,
I’ve had too much caffeine
I’m not my best without my rest,
Gotta roast me some fresh beans

From wall to wall I’m bouncing again—
It’s the biggest joy buzz there is (with fizz!)

I dont wann go slep, cuz mayb if I do
I woldn’t catc m favrit shw
Mor Coke, mo Pep—misd step!
I thk I wil go get me sum slasdf;ld...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Grace Like"

Vigilant, distant sentinel
Marching across the plain,
His whispered shouts
Echoing off fragile pane

Cleansing away the grime
Washing away the stain,
Pounding downpour
Eases scorch’s pain

Constant, steady gale
Stops a spinning vane
Direction thro’ chaos
To walk the narrow lane

Soaks all the earth
For harvesting some grain
Trees grow and stretch
Producing fruit to sustain

Thunderous roar
And shaking of mane
Vigilant, nearby sentinel
Returning to reign

Monday, July 11, 2016


Starving people take desperate actions
They steal
They cheat
They lie
Sell their bodies
Fill their bellies with cheap, fluffy junk
Just to survive
But barely alive

Desperate times, desperate measures
We understand
We’ve been there
Even if it’s just a bellyache
And not malnourishment

One meal a day isn’t enough
But some exist on one each week
          Or less
And we wonder why they do desperate things
And we wonder why we do desperate things

A good diet
Frequent meals
A few snacks
Even a treat once in a while
Or a glass of wine
Signs of a healthy life
Signs of an abundant life
No need for desperate actions
Just gratitude and satisfaction

Did you think I was talking about food?
          Did you?

We don’t live by bread alone