Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Too Many Funerals"

Relatives, celebrities,
and soldiers we lament;
This time, a younger friend has passed
Another wake I choose to attend
Getting ready to go:
flowers bought and sent,
praying, bathing, dressing, and shaving

Mom calls on the phone to chat
We laugh ‘til I share news
She asks a question, one that lasts:
“That funeral, the last you’ll attend…
“are you ready to go?
“Don’t leave them confused,
“for someone else will do your shaving

“Many things to consider:
“money, debts, even heirs?
“Covered with dirt, or ashes cast?”
I’ve not done these, I cannot pretend,
but my soul? Set to go!
Trusting, I declare
that Someone Else did all my saving

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Napkin Song"

Greasy, saucy drips
And ice-cold sips
(That sometimes spill)
Need a thing with soaking skill

Puffy paper that isn't soft
(Blow your nose but not too oft,
Or it'll get red and sore),
Perfect for milk not well-poured

Napkin, napkin! One or two;
Especially messy? Grab a few;
Napkin, napkin! Leave no trace
Much, much better than egg on your face


Lecrae has rapped it:
We're all "breathing to death"
With decaying hearts,
Daily losing our breath


Fifteen verses,
Two songs of worship
Fifteen verses,
Two songs of worship

Change it up!

Thirty verses,
And a song of worship

Keep it up!

We need resuscitation:
Peace and

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"In The Blink Of An Eye"

I don't know if it's on the spot,
Or if our souls will sleep
Until a single day of resurrection

I remember going to Grandma's house
And how the journey seemed faster
When I slept along the way:
One moment here, the next in her arms
Though to those awake, many hours had passed

This is a mystery
And one that can't be solved
     in rhyme and verse
     or time and research

I do know this,
Whether I blink or merely perceive:
I will be with you Jesus,
One moment here, the next in Your arms
And it will be glorious

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Pastor-man, pastor-man
Does whatever a pastor can
Says a prayer, with great faith
Preaches truth, such as grace
Here comes the pastor-man

Does he sin? He's human
He's got the Lamb's redeemer-blood
Can he still speak to us?
(Word of God is Jesus)
Yes sir!
He's just a pastor, man

Pastor-man, pastor-man
Servant leadership: pastors can
We're the church, building not
Teaching us, what we ought
He is the pastor, man