Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Dear Aunt Linda"

I have some things I’d like to share
About a man who laughed and loved and cared

He taught me about the lights in the sky at night:
The differences between a star and a satellite

Baseball? I knew a little about the game
But after Wrigley, it was never the same

He bought me a cap when the Bulls were gung-ho
(I gave it away—to a boy in Mexico)

I remember holidays when we honored the Lamb
And a Thanksgiving with a turkey and a ham

I think he was there when I tried a snow sled
I’m very blessed to have seen him when I wed

It has been way, way too long
And now, our beloved Bruce is gone

Please forgive me for not being by your side
While you grieve and mourn and celebrate his life

Many a person called him Boo
And for this poem, that’ll have to do

After all, nothing rhymes quite right with Orange