Sunday, May 8, 2016

"For Mom"

I did not have a choice
In who I got for mother,
But even if I did,
I would not choose another

She gets my silly jokes
Right away or soon thereaft’;
My heart sure loves to smile
When Dad or I make her laugh

She taught me all thro’ life,
Such as how to fold clean socks,
Drip castles at the beach,
And fresh undies for the doc

When snoozing in the morn,
Once or twice, but never thrice,
All others hear the beep;
Best get up before the ice

On tax and other such,
My knowledge is ‘most bereft,
But this I know for sure:
Debits always on the left

She loves her only boy
And she loves his three sons too
And that—love—is the
Most important thing to do

And so I hope you see,
When we honor all mothers,
I’m grateful and I’m glad,
And could not choose another