Thursday, October 28, 2004

Aventyr: "Murrain"

Damp mop of hair
Scabbed-over feet—bare
Black eyes beady
Warmth of fat needed
Broken nose pulled off
Cheeks hollow, bones soft
On the floor: bones, blood, spittle

"Roll Of The Dive"

Junkyard disaster
Creeping death
  the bringer of plagues
  rats, fleas, mosquitoes
Poem scribbled on wrinkled napkin
Concert of garage implements
  symphony of tools
Clink clang bink bang
Prayer of rarity
  steak uncooked
Bent grass
  crooked straw
Sleight of mind
  trickery of thought
A battle of wits
  against one unprepared
Destiny of a twisted fake
Ha ha wee wee
  tangle bop fizz ploof
I’m on a mount of peas!
Breath of death
  strife of life
Cold, shivering, chattering, clattering
  teeth on ice
Universal truth of poetry with three vowels
  frozen flame

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

"Rose Of Sharon"

Bright red crimson toes
Your blood drips down falling in rows
Your body limp,
Are you still a man?
  It’s hard to tell
You were bruised
  beaten broken
    for me
Your eyes (even still)
  ever heavenward
always doing the will
  of Our Father
I cannot grasp that you’re dead—
  and you did it for me, for love
You’re dead?
  You’re dead.
    You’re dead!
I have grieved
  these last days three
and grieve I still.
How? How can this be
  God’s will?
I mourn! I weep! I cry!
It’s not fair that you
  should die.

But wait!
  What’s this?
You told us you would
  yes You did quite clear
But we didn’t listen—
  or didn’t hear
My grief wanes
  and joy replaces
Unbelievable, uncontainable
  joy unlimited

You died. But You live!
  You live!
    And now I can too!

"Radiance Uncontained"

Radiance uncontained
Joy unrestrained
Sin and death undone
Bondage unchained

Rejoice Rejoice
for He is risen!
Rejoice Rejoice
for He ever lives!

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer!
God is one!

Hear O Israel
the Lord
the Lord our God
the Lord is one

YHVH ad infinitum!

YHVH, a verb!
  to Be