Monday, August 18, 2008

"Keep On Digging"

It’s a dry and weary land
Can you stand the heat?
Keep on digging
‘Til your well is real deep
Keep on digging
Need a place for your feet

Gotta stand on solid ground
And let Him wash your feet
Keep on digging
You’ll find the answer you seek
Keep on digging
Get your promise for free

Gotta dig past the surface
The water’s underneath
Keep on digging
‘Til you get to the spring
Keep on digging
And take a big drink

Just keep on digging
Put your trust in Jesus
And dig a little deeper
He’s living water so sweet

Friday, August 15, 2008

"At The Gate Beautiful"

Here I sit
Here I wait
Dawn to dusk
At the gate

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not


A bit of bead
Something to drink
A little coin
Would help I think

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not


They approach
They see me
Alms? Alms?

No money?
Be gone, go away
Cramping my style
In my way

Just keep walking!
Still talking?

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not

Says a prayer
Takes my hand
Look at this!
I can stand?
I can stand!

Walking leaping
Dancing singing

The gate is Beautiful
And I am not—
no not ever—
never going back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Horsemen Released"

Mount up
Grab your sword
Swing your scales
String your bow
  forget your arrow

Let’s ride!

No not yet!
Wait for the signal

We’ve a job to do

but one at a time
Wait for the signal

Be ready to ride
When He opens
One seal each
Ride hard
Ride fast
Don’t stop ‘til trump sounds

To arms! To arms!
The Lamb has the scroll
To arms!

Steady your mount

I go!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Jesus, You Are"

You...are awesome in my sight
You...are a wonderful delight

You...give the world your light away my fright

You...outshine the sun so bright
You...bring peace into my night

You...are great in power and might
You...are my shining armor knight

You...are just and you are right
You...are more than just alright

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"The Wind Over Eden"

On my wings
I carry the voice
of One Who sings
over you! Rejoice!

He sings over you
He sings over you
And I am His tool
I carry His voice

I was there then
and I’m here now
Carrying the voice
of He Who sings over you

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Super Clooper"

Dawn to dusk
Driving a bus
in tight circles
around campus

Hear a train whistle
Think of other routes
They have to wait

Plenty of places to take a break
Food to eat
rooms to rest

Eleven construction projects
all within sight
Long lonely day in summer
Longer, busier day in fall

Why would you put a bike on my bus?
Why would you put yourself on my bus?
Faster to ride
Faster to walk

Lots of bumps
Five speed humps

Four laps per shift
No that’s just a wish
More like eight
(itty bitty halfs are great)

Where does this bus go?
Round and round
Where do I stop...
Why doesn’t anyone know?

LBJ (Center and street)
Tacos sure would be neat
Sweaties and scientists
Unlived apartments
Commons and Tower
JCK or Jowers?