Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Grace Like"

Vigilant, distant sentinel
Marching across the plain,
His whispered shouts
Echoing off fragile pane

Cleansing away the grime
Washing away the stain,
Pounding downpour
Eases scorch’s pain

Constant, steady gale
Stops a spinning vane
Direction thro’ chaos
To walk the narrow lane

Soaks all the earth
For harvesting some grain
Trees grow and stretch
Producing fruit to sustain

Thunderous roar
And shaking of mane
Vigilant, nearby sentinel
Returning to reign

Monday, July 11, 2016


Starving people take desperate actions
They steal
They cheat
They lie
Sell their bodies
Fill their bellies with cheap, fluffy junk
Just to survive
But barely alive

Desperate times, desperate measures
We understand
We’ve been there
Even if it’s just a bellyache
And not malnourishment

One meal a day isn’t enough
But some exist on one each week
          Or less
And we wonder why they do desperate things
And we wonder why we do desperate things

A good diet
Frequent meals
A few snacks
Even a treat once in a while
Or a glass of wine
Signs of a healthy life
Signs of an abundant life
No need for desperate actions
Just gratitude and satisfaction

Did you think I was talking about food?
          Did you?

We don’t live by bread alone

Friday, July 8, 2016

"Zydeco After Dallas"

Washboard and spoons
Guitar and drums

Getting together
With the band

A moment not about skin
But about soul
A party not about race
But about rhythm
Take a stand
(or perhaps a dance)
Against hate

Yell a little
Prance a little
Live, love a lot

Making music
While joining hands

Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Texas Stop Sign"

Blue ink on the back of a receipt,
Stopped for a certain ice cream treat,
Didn't have it; still got something to eat
I'll be back—after all,
          it's just down the street