Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Therefore I Am"

The Lord's name is called
Everlasting Father
My God loves me
With everlasting love

Nothing shall separate
Daddy's love from me
I am
More than a conqueror

I will be like Daddy
I should abide in Him
I can abide in Him
I will not be ashamed at His coming

I am born of Him so
I can do righteousness
I can do righteousness?
I can do righteousness!

I am beloved

I have hope in my Father;
He has purified me
As He is pure

He was revealed
In Jesus the Christ
Took my sin (away)
There is no sin in Christ
I am in Christ

I am not deceived
I practice righteousness
I am righteous
As He is righteous
Because He is righteous

I have passed from death
to Life

I will not love in word only
Actions speak louder
So I will love in deed
So I will love in truth

God is greater
Than my heart
I have confidence
Toward my great God

Therefore I am