Monday, October 21, 2013


Azusa, Jon Edwards, ooh I want revival
Like George Fox and the Quakers, come on Holy Spirit
French prophets and Cane Ridge, people why don’t we pray
With God’s holy Word?
We’ll need to fast
And then He’ll come in pow’r
That’s how we need to flow
To bring God’s Kingdom to earth

Topeka, Toronto, ooh we need revival
As at Tulsa and Brownsville, can you hear the Spirit?
He’s speaking and leading, oh we need to follow
With a thankful heart
He’s met our needs
And now we’ll share the Word
That’s how we need to flow
To bring God’s Kingdom to earth

    People on the floor
    Heavenly drink flowing from His heart
    We’ll be sharing God’s love
    To the rhythm of His unveiled grace
    Just like at Pentecost

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"The F Word"

It’s often an option
At times, it’s just not

We've all done it
I’ll do it again
And so will you

But it’s not a person,
Rather, an event:
A prelude to achievement,
An opportunity to work harder
     practice longer

It need not be the end
Especially if you try, try again

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Once, At Sea World"

Orcas are dolphins
Dolphins are mammals
Mammals have hair
That’s why we missed Shamu:
She was gone, using shampoo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"If I Were Super"

If I were an alien raised in Kansas,
I’d lift the roofs off bicameral houses,
Speak to those below arrayed:
“Truth, justice, the American way!”

If I wore the flag and raised a shield
I’d rush to assemble on the field
With my remaining brothers,
Remembering the honored others

If I snooped with winged fangs
And a billion was pocket change,
I’d bam, oof, and pow my way;
John Q’s insurance would be paid

If I burned green with atomic rage
And bullets bounced off my fleshy cage,
I’d bust down the doors at House White
Smash sense into stalwart pride

If arachnids biting or steel claws fighting,
If altered genes or colored rings,
If armored suits or a thousand troops;
If I were super, if only I were super

However, there is one thing:
I can fall down, call on the King,
Use my knees to bow and pray;
Trust that real power’s on the way

Friday, October 4, 2013


Mountains speak
of knightly deeds
A king in robes
inspects troops—his own
More than one has fallen
Honor them
  their courage
  their sacrifice
  their final cries
Prepare your hearts
and carry them home