Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"The Torrent"

Ever flowing
Borne along,
By class-five rapids,
A cataract thro’ jagged crags

There is danger here
Out of (my) control
Guided by Peace
Protected by Joy
The mighty rush of God’s
Poured-out, turbulent love

Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Free* "

With purchase
Plus shipping and handling
After mail-in rebate
Except where prohibited by law
Limited time only

With approved credit
Some restrictions apply
While supplies last
Not for children under age three
Only qualified applicants

So glad grace has no asterisk

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Welcome Home"

I am Your bride
As I prepare
As I wait
As I work
You arrive,
wrap Your arms around me,
and caress the back of my neck with gentle lips
You whisper sweet somethings in my ear
My heart swells
and I am undone
Welcome home 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Far More Precious"

Rubies are red
Sapphires are blue
A pile of these
Would be faboo

Em’ralds are green
Diamonds are white
All demand work
To bring to light

Digging real deep
Slaving away
Labor and sweat
Hoping for pay

Hidden away
There was a stone
Diggers threw out
Worth was not known

It has this shape:
Fear of the Lord
All is revealed
Glorious hoard!

Breaking through rock
Our effort? Nope
Wisdom Himself
Paying for hope

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Life is a tightrope act
And we were suckered
Into using unicycles

No training
No balance
Can't ride
Can't walk
No balance
Will certainly fall

The crowd cheers,
Or maybe jeers?
They can't catch you

Clowns point and wave
All a joke
They'll not even try to save

So very glad the Ringmaster
Foresaw this deadly disaster
I'm not the least afraid,
(It's really His display)
And I can even sing,
For God gave me wings

Friday, October 3, 2014

"Path To Victory"

Into the midst of your situation,
Testify to the sufficiency of God

Into the midst of your crisis,
Speak Truth untwisted

Worship Him
No other

Sunday, September 28, 2014

"So I'll Remember"

You come
You go
You fall away
and I forget
I'll find another
and another
and another until
I've run out

I implore you
I beg you
Please, stick around

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Villain's Fruit"

Looks good
Tastes sweet
But rots in the belly

Turns to poison in the veins
Travels to the heart
Corrupts it
Hardens it
Dead inside

Need a transfusion
Type Christ-positive required

Sunday, August 10, 2014

"What Is It?"

Dry flaky morsels
Slightly sweet
Slightly bitter

Morning, noon, night
Day after day

Needs flavor options
Spices, nectar
Salt or pepper

Morning, noon, night
Day after day

Don’t save it for tomorrow
Unless you like worms
Double it on Friday

Morning, noon, night
Day after day
Day after day

Can’t live without it
Sustenance in the desert

Sunday, August 3, 2014

"How I Work"

Ten monitors
Nine hours
Eight safety messages
Seven binders
Six coffees
Five computers
Four clipboards
Three maps
Two microphones
One stubby pencil

Friday, July 25, 2014

"A Day Off"

The coffee's on
The wife is gone
Boys are up
It's time to strut

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"The Revelation Seven"

Messengers, yes
But not five-point cutouts of gold-foil card stock

Orbs of gravity pulling everything
Massive pressure
Fusion of atoms
Splattering matter
Seven of these!
Perhaps the Pleiades?

He made them
placed them
supplies them
guides them
Surely, He can hold them

Messengers to the Church
to the world
(Stolen by a thieving deceiver)
But still proclaiming
His story
Declaring His glory


"You'll be back tomorrow—
We have the best coffee"
Caffeine dripping with sarcasm?
Or does he really believe it?

Maybe his experience is limited
Or perhaps I missed the wink
Either way, the java's effective
But not so tasty

Just on my way
And only pennies per ounce

I'll be back tomorrow

Monday, July 7, 2014

"In A Sea Of Goldfish"

In a sea of goldfish sat a Bryce
He looked around, said, "Hey, this is nice!"
We fed him a bit more
He threw most to the floor
Then we gave him a bath once or twice

Friday, July 4, 2014

"Pinto The Frog"

In the strange case of Pinto the frog,
"Innocent," he pleads (for the green fog)
He claims a magic fruit
Was the real cause of toot;
At least he didn't point to the dog

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Austin Commute"

It wasn't so bad this morning
But I arrived an hour early
If I'd left later—
even a few minutes?
Only the clock will tell
After all
It's only my first time

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Pile Of Carpet"

There once was a man from San Marcos
Came home to a strange pile of carpet
Didn’t know what it was,
Scratched a chin full of fuzz,
And said, “P’raps I’ll take it to market”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

“A Letter Of Unrequited Love”

Dearest S,

It’s time you learned the truth:
I am deeply, deeply in love with you
And have been since long ago

I’ve sent you flowers
And jewels,
Invited you to parties,
But you never came,
Hardly seemed to notice

I’ve written pages and pages of songs,
Just for you
I yearn to sing them,
Just for you

I’ve seen you in the arms of another,
I raged, full of fire and heat
I suppose—even though we’ve never really met
—I’m jealous

When once I thought you’d gone for good,
I wept for days upon days:
A flood of bitter tears
I've taken up painting since then,
Keeps me going thro' the years

I even built a house, perfectly laid out,
Every stone and archway with you in mind
The land it’s on is cut thro’ by a river
And there are vineyards, orchards:
The most fragrant fruit ever
O, the wine we could drink!

I long to kiss you all over
And run my fingers thro’ your hair
While whispering sweet intimacies in your ear

And if ever you should see
Our initials carved upon a tree,
Know this, Beloved—that was me

This letter,
It is finished

With most passionate affection,

P.S. I eagerly await your response

Monday, June 23, 2014


God Almighty wrote a poem
Right words, right order
And in this poem, He wrote my life
Simple though it is
With a new word here and an edit there
Here a noun, there a verb
Every word intended
God Almighty wrote a poem
Right words, right order

We are the Lord’s workmanship
Sculpted by the Word
And in His hands, we shall be shaped
Like a lump of clay
With some spinning here and more water there
Here a pinch, there a squeeze
Ready for the fire
We are the Lord’s workmanship
Sculpted by the Word

The Redeemed, a masterpiece
Wondrous work of art
And on this canvas, God did paint
Colors perfect all
With a brushstroke here and some texture there
Here a dot, there a line
Every shape on purpose
The Redeemed, a masterpiece
Wondrous work of art

We bring glory to His name:
It is why we’re here
For He has remade our stone hearts
O, to trust the Lord!
With a good deed here and a good deed there
Here a prayer, there a hug
Every day, sharing Love
We bring glory to His name:
It is why we’re here

Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Dadvice: Wisdom From A Beloved Wiseguy"

Think before you speak
Finish what you start
Everything in moderation
Even moderation
Embellish for the pleasure of the listener
Presentation is ninety percent
Kneel to propose
Timing is everything

"Going Into The Tabernacle"

Burned up
Washed up
Lit up
Fed up
Smelled up
Held up

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Pickup truck racing down the road
Swerving left and right
Wasting gas
Hurting brakes
Killing transmission
Cutting off
Stressing out

Friday, June 6, 2014

"King Omybad"

I’m really quite disappointed
Not sure he was even anointed
What is it about this king
That makes everyone sing?

At quadrennial tournament,
He had an impressive tent,
But is he even of noble birth?
Where’s he from, where on Earth?

He cares not for our beloved colors
But marches under the stripes of others
Disregards the Founders Scroll
Though he taught it, I’ve been told

Everyone must go to the apothecary
Or be taxed for all they carry
He wants our swords and our bows
But what of the robbers on the road?

Black-robed puppets on the bench,
Acting on filth, passing out stench
Meanwhile the Guard is silent,
Seemingly ignorant, or maybe compliant

He’s bought all the towns’ criers
They’ve turned their coats, all are liars,
Pushing agendas of their own
Instead of investigating the throne

Royal excursions on the peasants’ dime?
He really has gone too far this time:
Must be reminded whose money he’s spent
When he’s acted without Council consent

Caught red-handed, with enemies consort
Traded five for one of this sort?
Picks blackberries before standing with his men
Where’s the example, who let this man in?

Each mistake piles up and compounds
He has greatly overstepped his bounds
And quite nearly snapped his leash
That’s it! It’s time: give him peach!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"70,000 Hoops"

What is it you need:
A job?
A loan?
A doctor’s visit?
An—ugh—insurance claim?

Here’s seventeen forms
And a roll of red tape

We need your picture
Your fingerprints
Eight forms of identification
And a letter of recommendation

What’s your income?
Are you married?
Do you have kids?
What color is your skin?

Sign the dotted line
And initial eighty times

Only to hear
Your case is under review
We’ll get back to you (“soon”)
Sixty days or six to eight weeks
Number thirty-something on the waiting list

Oh so very glad
It’s not the same with God
No hoops to jump
No red tape
(Just red Blood—
already spilled)

All you have to do:
Simply believe
—You’re pre-approved

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Rainy Day"

Don’t you worry ‘bout storms breezy
Fam'ly time is still quite easy
Order up some pizza cheesy
And play Trouble or Parcheesi

Cards and dice, also dominoes
Guesstures, checkers, and Uno
All are names which you ought to know
(Just a few of the games we own)

Skip-Bo, Twister, Pictionary
Scrabble with a dictionary
There's no need to be contrary
Gather ‘round sweet frozen dairy

More is merrier and quite fun
But don’t forget: there's one on one
Go until it’s set (clouded sun)
Relationship is what you’ve won

Monday, May 5, 2014


Blotches and splotches,
Pink and red
Don't dare scratch:
It'll spread

Treat with loathsome liniments
And soporific pills,
But there's not a real cure:
Must suffer the ills

Watch out for pointy leaves
Grouped together, numbering three
Do your best to avoid it:
Poison ivy—the devil's weed

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"When You Do A Charitable Deed"

Hey Lefty!
         Yes, Right Hand Man?
Ha! Nice one
What you doing?
         Can't tell you
Why not?
         It's a secret
I won't tell anyone
         I know
You do?
         'Cause I'm not telling you
         It's a secret
When will I know?
         Maybe never
What do you mean?
         That's up to Him
         What are you doin'?
Can't tell you
It's a secret

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Our Man Bob"

You know those jokes
Told by some folks,
With Saint Peter at the gate?
He won’t have to ask, nor even wait

“Hi! I’m Bob and I’m a Christian!
How are you? What’s up, mister?”
Peter smiles. “Simply marvelous, dear.
Blessed beyond measure, now that you’re here.”

You see, our man is no stranger
To this place with no danger
I wouldn’t be at all surprised
If he’s giving tours to the newly arrived

He’ll meet the apostles and prophets
Full formal names? Nah, just drop it
Jimmy, Jerry, Pete, and Paul
Our beloved man knows ‘em all

They’ll share the verses that each of them wrote
Bob’ll race ‘em and probably quote
And just before he reaches race’s end,
He’ll turn, see, and say, “You are my Amen!”

He’ll kiss and embrace his Lordly Savior
His presence evermore to savor
By cuttin’ a rug in Heaven’s ballroom
Or standing silent—his only other volume

I knew this man first as a brother,
Then as pastor, mentor—almost a father
Showed me excellence: Don’t fudge it,
Especially when it comes to making a budget

Asked my boys, “Who does your hair?”
(This he never feared: number one, all over there)
We would argue the best way to drive:
Fast and precise or safe, sure to arrive

He sang this truth like it was an ode:
Christians don’t die, only change ZIP codes
Bob lived and led true wisdom from above
But most of all, he showed everyone love

His favorite Bible book was Ecclesiastes
And last of all but certainly not least:
This picture ought not be painted,
But who told you, you were naked?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"They'll All Be Soaked"

Some don't own it
Though it's freely given

Some left it at home
The forecast was certain

Some've never used it
—and don't know how

Some don't even know it exists
(Shame on us!)

Are you under the Umbrella?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Pickles Tickles Nickels"


All result in giggles

"Pay Day"

It's pay day
Time to collect your wages
All you've done,
All you've earned
Amounts to a quick drop
And a sudden stop
Sign the check and cash it in
This is what comes of sin

Sorry sir this check is void
Someone already collected on this account
The check's been canceled
I know you want what you deserve
Take it up with the bank
For all you'll get from me
Is a free gift
Use it wisely
Not all in one place
He paid for it all
Stamped it with grace

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Who Is My Brother?”

It’s one of those laws
Of which Jesus is boss:
Don’t be angry (without cause)

"Thou shalt not murder"
But He took it further:
Don’t even be a curser

But just who is my brother?

Must be more than blood
Because there exist some
Who do not have even one

Just those who believe?
Some have yet to perceive,
Think judgment’s what they’ll receive

So, who is my brother?

I go to the Greek
A sure answer to seek...
No. Attitude should be tweaked

Like expert’s "neighbor"
Let love never waver
And hatred lose its flavor

Want to be brothers?

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love the way it looks,
Glistening and steaming on the stove
The way it smells,
Giving color to aroma
To taste it?
Oh! Gift from above!

Chocolate, cherry, apple, lime
Love 'em all—if only time

If I see a slice,
I'll want to smell it
When I get the scent,
I'll most assuredly want a bite
And if I taste,

I'll spoil my supper

It would be best for me to keep my nose in a book
And never ever enter the kitchen for a look

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“Soul Trouble”

I am a broken man
Something’s loose, rattles inside me
Seems to be fine on the highway
But in the city—at home—
A different story

I take myself to the shop
Mechanics poke and prod
They throw their hands up
Find nothing wrong
Charge me for their time

Clanking home, I realize
The problem’s not the engine,
Nor the brakes, the transmission
What sounds so bad
Has a single, simple solution:

I need better fuel

Monday, February 24, 2014

“Calvary Cavalry”

In battle dress, a king
Galloping on snow-white steed
Sword drawn and pointing ahead
Crown of iron and gold upon his head

Of a sudden he stops
From shining saddle he drops
Something caught his attention
Saintly praise from those commissioned

For a herd he calls
“Join me,” beckoning to all
Mounting up, resumes the charge
We follow him, near and far

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A sharp tool is best
to avoid bruising the flesh
and preserve the seeds inside

Enjoy the taste—take a bite,
squeeze the juice
of this awesome fruit

Pungent at first, but not too strong
Just don't get the word wrong

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Bus Driver"

Precision decision analyst
Spaced-out cushion enthusiast
Green light freshness specialist
Rolling hazard avoidance master
Low speed maneuver maker

Pothole spotter dodger
Foul weather rescue hero
Predawn commuter mover
Destination answer granter

High speed lane wrangler
Blocked road reroute scout
On time departure starter

"A Different Kind Of Spider"

The itsy bitsy spider crawled on my writing pad
Down came my hand and squashed the spider flat
Out came the towel to clean up yucky blob
But this itsy bitsy spider had brothers in the Mob

More itsy bitsy spiders began to weave a web
Out came the silk—they tied up both my legs
Then went my hands and finally my eyes
And the itsy bitsy spiders did ransom me for flies

Monday, January 13, 2014

"For Three-Finger Smiles"

Bright eyes sparkling wide
Joy displayed, full of wonder
Glory—barely contained
Everyone should have one

"For Cursive"

Serif flourishes, beautiful lines
Ink flows and letters roll
A joy to write without stop
Next generation shall not know

"For Adventures Before Dinner"

Captain America, Wolverine waiting
Spider-Dad swings in from work
Powers combined
Planned and executed
Enemies vanquished

"For Electric Blankets"

Plugged in
Warming all night
Curled and cozy
Sleeping just right

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hidden in the words
My heart pours out
Everything I see
Is somehow part of me

The way I see it
The way I say it
Giving it all a reason
Changes with each season

Gray clouds overhead
Tilted earth beneath
Winter’s temp begs to fall
And pull me down
  Temptation’s call

Box of clean and of fresh
Another soiled by what passed through flesh
A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!
What the heck?
That’s what happens when pen just rolls

Heavy set and muscles flat
Need to lose that burdensome fat
New Year’s Day—do I resolve
Or trust in God my life to solve?

A waist is a terrible thing to mind
As in a tyrant, grumbling on high
Am I supposed to be fat?
Or can I shed that?

What’s the point, tipped in ink
That marks up paper as I think?
At least it’s not a broken pencil
You know? Pointless

My pen has a ball that rolls
God gave me a call that grows
With each passing hour
My stomach turns and milk sours

I have not met my dreams
They drag their wearied feet
Refusing to get up and run
Or is it me who thinks all is done?

Fourteen years since technical fear
Add a couple since the end year
And now we wait, still here
When are you coming, coming near?
We wait for you, your people dear
Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly near

Where’s the fruit?
Should I turn away from meat?
My belly cries “No!”
But I must wait for God’s “Go!”
Not my decision
  But Yours O God
Shall I, shall I?
Tell me, tell me

"From My Porch"

Golden car
  Three more go
Lonely horse
  Strength restrained, chained
Green trees three
  Defying winter’s grip
Hole in the fence

"A Poet's Stroll"

Tree lined lane
Row of houses green
Celebration of a now gone holiday

Stop sign at a crossroads
Home remaining
Or journey taking?
Two country roads meet
One, a dead end
The other, a loop
Both going nowhere
Turn around
Turn around
Go the other way

Pile of leaves and stones
Mixed with trash
Ought not be

Fire rages
Bright orange
No, trash disposed

Curving around
House for sale

Grounded boat
Cannot float
Holey hull

Fireplug in the woods
Hidden source of power

Chewed out post
Unseen pest
Not the only one

Water trickles
Barely flows
Where do you think it goes?
No one knows

Smoke over water
Presence over people
Flowing, flowing
Going together

Dead tree by water’s edge
Clinging to life
Hope against hope

Crisp leaves underfoot
Crunch, crunch, splunch!
Oops, found a puddle