Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Jesus Speaks"

Jesus speaks
It’s a sword
Jesus speaks
It’s some seed
You have in your hands
All the tools you need

When war should come
You’re already armed
Check your plow
Beat it into a sword
Check your pruning hook
Beat it into a spear

When war should end
And sowing begin again
You need not fear
Your sword and spear
Return with ease
To work done in peace

All the tools you need
You have in your hands
It’s some seed
Jesus speaks
It’s a sword
Jesus speaks

Monday, September 26, 2011


Chemically: crystalline carbon compound
Commonly consumed as coffee, Coke
Choices? Consider chocolate
Craziness careens corners

Attitude and attention adjuster
Autumn afternoon activator
Accelerated activities
Ask another altruistic answerable

Fathoming fatherhood
Folgers: fresh or frozen
Foolish frolicking
Fickle frazzled frog

Favorite flavor?
French fanilla (fun!)
Famous for flying
Fan for “FREEDOM!!”

Endurance enhancer
E’erlasting elixir
Endocrine epoxic effects
Essayist endorser

I, internal igniter
Interestingly included
In iced infusions
Imagine: ignorance imploded

Nosy noisy neighbors
Night-time ne’er-ender
Negative nightmares…
Nice neanderthal!

Everyone’s elated
Elliptical epiphany!
Elephants eat evergreens!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Park Us"

There once was a man from San Marcos
He volunteered, was asked to park us
He did his very best
E'en wore a safety vest
And used a flashlight in the darkness

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Righteous reverend
Christ as
Eternal can be
Yours too

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Off a plane
In Honolulu town
Greeted with petals
Of smile and lei

Sun has touched
Horizon far
Maybe dawn—
Light’s first wake?

Blended berries
Smooth and cold
Passion for a
fruit frappé

A twirling lady
Arms extended
Not ballet
Not even dance, per se

Week’s end
A welcome kiss
Love arrived
No longer away

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"The Call"

I have found myself aswim
—nay, rather say adrift—
in a stream of words
that has at source
the glory of dawn's first day
when God above parted lips
and dared to say

"Let there be"

I find in my company
those whose hands burned with cramps
and whose tongues, silvered by the Muse,
wagged and flapped light into men's lamps

I find myself inspired
to join the fray
and heed the gilded call,
providing truth thro' it all

No longer shall I await
Insp'ration's sweet embrace
I will tear from the air
the very tools I need
to sow the Sower's seed

World, beware!
Just as God once did,
so I dare

So I dare

My pen is loosed
Upon the hearts
of women, men, and childeren
I shall not stop
'til ink's last drop
or fleeting breath retire