Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"No Longer"

Kneeling in the rain
Reeling from the pain
Looking up
I'm at a loss
He's no longer on the cross

Weeping for my oath
Sleeping in the grove
Waking up
At a great "Boom!"
He's no longer in the tomb

Walking to my home
Falling on the road
Standing up
Asked in my heart
We're no longer worlds apart

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"For Dinner Tonight"

For dinner tonight
We had Italian
Aidan ate his share
Like a racehorse stallion

Fettuccine alfredo
And stuffed ravioli
He's not yet fork-happy
So Aidan, he got it all over

A smile from ear to ear
Red stain from chin to nose
Dinner's now finished
Where's the garden hose?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"This Is Joy!"

Upturned lips
Catching tears
No more doubts
No more fears

This is joy!
This is joy!

Dancing, leaping,
Singing, shouting,
No more sadness
No more pouting

This is joy!
This is joy!

Heart beating fast
Rhythm all aflutter
Jehovah Jehovah
This One's my Father!

Boy oh boy!
This, this is joy!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"At The End Of Twelve Years"

I've got to get to him before long
How to move through this throng?
If I don't hurry, he'll soon be gone

I shouldn't be here; they'll know!
I'll just turn around and head home,
but there's nothing there. I'm so alone

I've asked for help from docs, priests, even the gov'ment
I spent all I had, down to my last hard-earned cent
No, I've got to touch him, even just his garment

I turn and I push; they won't let me through
Through muck and mud and probably drool
Down on my knees, I crawl like a fool

I'm spotted. "Unclean!" someone yells really loud
I twist and I punch, no longer too proud
I kick and I claw as I burst through the crowd

Reaching forward, I brush just the tip
And down I go, a nasty bad trip
My rags, already torn, suffer a mighty rip

The crowd pushes me down into the dirt
I'm lower than low, lost my last worth
But he has stopped, suddenly alert

"Who has touched me? I felt virtue!!"
He turned, he saw, he said, "Oh it's you!"
He knelt on the ground. "Daughter, thy faith is true!"

I stood, quivering and shaking the dust from my hand
I'm healed, I'm free, most blessed in the land!
I met Him: Jesus, the God-with-us man!