Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Chief Of Sinners"

Judas betrayed
Peter denied
Ten more fled

I have ignored
I have neglected
Sinned more

Still you bled

"Thank You No. 1"

Thank you for mercy
Thank you for love
Thank you for peace
Thank you for you

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"When Your Hope Dies"

When your hope dies
Nothing else remains
The warmth is gone
Light fades from the flame

I am so angry

Why give up?
Why let go?
You say you love
But I don’t know

I am so angry

Why do you lie
Through teeth so fine
As if I can’t be hurt
By your twisted lines?

I am so angry

Were I the Hulk
I’d be on my seventh
Shade of green
And going for eight

I am so hurt

That you would prop me up
Only to let me go
As soon, as soon
As the wind blows

I am so hurt

Toss in the towel
Give up, go ahead
But not me
I’m not dead

I’m gonna fight
With every last breath
I will be happy
Before my death

Jesus my hope of glory
I’m done sittin’
He’s my champion
Because “IT IS WRITTEN!”

You want a fight?
You got one
I may not be a warrior
But I’ve got the same God David did

Let’s do this

You taunt
I’ll pray
You gawk
I’ll say
You laugh
I’ll throw
You fall
I’ll go


I ain’t quittin
While you spittin
You best be gettin
Because “IT IS WRITTEN!”

Your candle melted
And your flame went out
I ain’t quittin!
I’m a victor! SHOUT!

I have hope

This is not the end
The verdict’s still out
Don’t you dare push send
I’ve still got time to SHOUT!




Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"A Moment Exploded"

A moment exploded
Caught in a bolt of lightning
A Voice of thunder spoke
And Saul became Paul

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Full Of Promises"

Crown of rainbow
Seven colors aflame
In a perfect circle

Another at right shoulder
A third at left
Others over each hand
And yet one more over His heart
Moves to His mouth when He speaks

Crown of rainbow
Seven colors aflame
In a perfect circle

He is God
He is Lord
He is
Full of promises

Crown of rainbow
Seven colors aflame
Perfect circle


Pure light
Pure light

Crown of rainbow
Seven colors aflame

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Keep On Digging"

It’s a dry and weary land
Can you stand the heat?
Keep on digging
‘Til your well is real deep
Keep on digging
Need a place for your feet

Gotta stand on solid ground
And let Him wash your feet
Keep on digging
You’ll find the answer you seek
Keep on digging
Get your promise for free

Gotta dig past the surface
The water’s underneath
Keep on digging
‘Til you get to the spring
Keep on digging
And take a big drink

Just keep on digging
Put your trust in Jesus
And dig a little deeper
He’s living water so sweet

Friday, August 15, 2008

"At The Gate Beautiful"

Here I sit
Here I wait
Dawn to dusk
At the gate

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not


A bit of bead
Something to drink
A little coin
Would help I think

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not


They approach
They see me
Alms? Alms?

No money?
Be gone, go away
Cramping my style
In my way

Just keep walking!
Still talking?

The gate is Beautiful
But I am not

Says a prayer
Takes my hand
Look at this!
I can stand?
I can stand!

Walking leaping
Dancing singing

The gate is Beautiful
And I am not—
no not ever—
never going back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Horsemen Released"

Mount up
Grab your sword
Swing your scales
String your bow
  forget your arrow

Let’s ride!

No not yet!
Wait for the signal

We’ve a job to do

but one at a time
Wait for the signal

Be ready to ride
When He opens
One seal each
Ride hard
Ride fast
Don’t stop ‘til trump sounds

To arms! To arms!
The Lamb has the scroll
To arms!

Steady your mount

I go!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Jesus, You Are"

You...are awesome in my sight
You...are a wonderful delight

You...give the world your light away my fright

You...outshine the sun so bright
You...bring peace into my night

You...are great in power and might
You...are my shining armor knight

You...are just and you are right
You...are more than just alright

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"The Wind Over Eden"

On my wings
I carry the voice
of One Who sings
over you! Rejoice!

He sings over you
He sings over you
And I am His tool
I carry His voice

I was there then
and I’m here now
Carrying the voice
of He Who sings over you

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Super Clooper"

Dawn to dusk
Driving a bus
in tight circles
around campus

Hear a train whistle
Think of other routes
They have to wait

Plenty of places to take a break
Food to eat
rooms to rest

Eleven construction projects
all within sight
Long lonely day in summer
Longer, busier day in fall

Why would you put a bike on my bus?
Why would you put yourself on my bus?
Faster to ride
Faster to walk

Lots of bumps
Five speed humps

Four laps per shift
No that’s just a wish
More like eight
(itty bitty halfs are great)

Where does this bus go?
Round and round
Where do I stop...
Why doesn’t anyone know?

LBJ (Center and street)
Tacos sure would be neat
Sweaties and scientists
Unlived apartments
Commons and Tower
JCK or Jowers?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"His Story Repeats"

Every time a sinner repents
Every time an addict quits
His story repeats

Each time you’re touched by the Spirit
And when you do the Word after you hear it
His story repeats

Read the Bible say a prayer
Love someone show them you care
His story repeats

It started with twelve
Get your Bible off the shelf
His story repeats

His story repeats
would you like to hear it again
for the first time?

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Spirit Poem II"

This is you Lord
What would you have me say
I write as you speak
I’m yours
Speak Lord speak

You make me strong when otherwise I’m weak
I love you I love you
You love me You love me

God is good all the time
all the time God is good
Jesus is Lord Jesus is Lord

Where’s the reason, the rhyme?
What, Lord, should I type?

I let my fingers flow as I yield to you
What are your words, Lord
What are your words?

You inspired men of old
and now you inspire me
With pen with keyboard
I write for you
for you are worthy you are worthy

Where’s the message? What’s the point?
I write for you instead of smoking a joint

You are my high when I am down
You are my low when I am up
You bring stability, firmness, foundation
No drug can match you
No drink can touch you
No substitute compares
You O Lord bring breath to my bones

I don’t want a new drug
I don’t want a huge hug
unless it’s from you unless it’s from you

Only you are a good Substitute
for me on the cross
for me in the grave
for me

in hell

I rise with you Lord I rise with you
Death could not hold you
Hell lost its grip
You are free you are free

and so

am I


Arrayed in white
Loved by Light
Known from of old
Sparkles like a diamond
Beauty thrice refined
Crowned with gold

Bride made glorious
Bride victorious
He gave up His life
All bloody and red
Then raised from the dead
Purchased He His wife

Sword on hip
Hand on hilt
Ready to be engaged
Bride of battle
Dowry of cattle
A thousand hills grazed

Resolute she stands
With upraised hands
Ardently yearning
Her heart ablaze
With fixed gaze
Awaiting His returning

"One White Throne To The Other"

John asked you to come quickly, to come with haste
I ask that you wait until I’ve dumped my waste

O Lord please don’t be in a rush to capture
I would prefer to flush before the rapture

And when comes your determined day and hour
Please let me have finished taking my shower

When those left behind have time to think of me
I’d like it to be without the stink of me

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Call Of The Great Sea"

To me! To me!
Beckons the Great Sea
To me! To me!
You ships of Tarshish

Return to your vows
You prophets errant
Keep your new vows
You pagans penitent

The time is near
The time is come
It’s been three years
Bring your sons

Load your silver
Cart your gold
Bring your apes
Shine your stones

You kings of the isles
You merchants of the sea
Higher than any mountain
I wish you could see

Search the whole sea
Seeking the city Zion
Never will find it
Unless you’re right on

To me! To me!
You sons of Tarshish
Even with your expertise
Repent! Turn to Me!

"Dinner With The King"


He’s here!
I’m not ready!


Can’t wait


I open

He enters
Laden with foods fine
I know I’m soon to truly dine
Bread and meat
Milk and honey
Water and wine
He’s here!
We sit
We eat
We dine

Into each other’s eyes we gaze
He knows
My secrets innermost
And still he came
I eat
I’m not the same

He rises
The meal is done
I reach for the door
He grabs my hand
The dance is begun

He is the king!
I sing I sing
All hail the king!
I sing I sing
Long live the king!
I sing I sing
Long life from the King!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Fountains Of Praise"

Fountains of praise
Flow from my lips
Keep going water
To the end of my days

Bubble up from my heart
Living water so fresh
Rivers streams rushing rushing
Help me Lord, what’s my part?

Mountains we raze
Glory to God in the highest!
Flow from my lips
You fountains of praise

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Sweet Fragrant Perfume"

Sweet fragrant perfume
Lord I prepare for You
Pour Your oil o'er my head
I welcome You to my bed

Sweet fragrant perfume
Lord I prepare for You
If it takes six months
Or even a year, I'll wait

Mighty God
Prince of Peace
Everlasting Father

Sweet fragrant perfume
Lord I prepare for You

This is my song
For Your touch I earnestly long

Lead me Lord
Lead me in the dance
I give you my life, I give you my hand
Lead me in the dance

You take a step
I take a step
Dip me Lord, kiss me
You take a bow
I lift my hands
Lead me, Lord, in the dance
Lead me in the dance

Sweet fragrant perfume
Lord I prepare for You
Sweet fragrant perfume
Lord I prepare for You

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Helen Bested"

O had men gone to war
Over one so fair as thee
The battle’d’ve been short
They’d drop spear and sword
Instead to gaze at thee
On bended knee

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Cubs Fan And A Jesus Man"

Cubs fan and a Jesus man
Andre Dawson, God is awesome
Wrigley Field at the age of four
I asked God to save me
He gave me more

Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Spirit Poem I"

The Lord is good
His mercy endures forever
But is that enough?
I don’t want His goodness
I don’t want His mercy
if I don’t get Him with them

You oh Lord make life worth living
You oh Lord make breath worth breathing
You oh Lord make grace worth faithing

You are so good
You are so good
You are so good
You are so good

Father God, Lord Almighty
none compares to your beauty
Your majesty outshines the stars
Your holiness is holy
Your love knows no bounds, defies dimensions
Blessings be unto Thee, O God
for You are holy, holy, holy


Jesus, the name above all names
no other even dares to compare
For you are holy
Your mercy endures forever
You are good
but I don’t want your mercy, your goodness
if I can’t have just You
just You
just You

Son of man
Unequaled by any other
Son of God

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Let Go"

If tree be rooted deep
And bird refuse release
Wings can flap all night
And ne'er will bird take flight

Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Down The Gavel"

Truth the rule.
Sin the crime.
Guilty the verdict.
Death the sentence.

Not by act,
nor by thought,
Not by will,
just by birth.

The trial is done.
The verdict is in.
"Innocent!" we hope,
but "Guilty!" we’ll get.

The prosecution rests.
The Judge has decreed.
Down, down, down it comes,
the Judge’s great gavel.

But lo!
The Defense has risen.
Forward He steps
to boldly protest:

"Death it be,
I must agree.
But Your Honor, I object.
Take me. Take me."

The gavel can't stop,
continues to drop.
The Defense reaches—
Himself on the desk.

"That was my Son,"
The Judge dared to think.
"What's done is done,
sealed in red ink."

The hour is late.
The table is turned.
The slate is erased. adjourned