The poems in these growing collections are not written in particular forms; rather, they represent groupings of ideas and explorations along certain themes. Here are some details about each series:
  • Citizen Songs: Each poem takes its rhythm from a familiar song of American patriotism but changes the words to reflect the Christian's citizenship in Heaven. See Philippians 3:20.
  • Colors For Helen: These are verbal descriptions, drawn from physical and emotional sensations and associated archetypes, of colors for people who are blind. I was inspired by an episode of Simon & Simon. As a sort of experiment, I assigned my students to write such poems after reading about the life of Helen Keller; the results were absolutely stunning! They challenged me to also write a poem. This became the first poem in this series: "Fuchsia".
  • One Thousand Thank-Yous: A collection of short poems expressing gratitude to God for both the miraculous and the mundane in everyday life. Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.
  • Through Their Eyes: Each poem is the testimony, often speculated beyond what is presented in the text of Scripture, of a person who encountered the Living God in his or her life. Some poems are inspired by the stories of the Old Testament, others by the earthly ministry of Jesus, and still others by the ministries of the first disciples. My hope is to broaden my own perspective of my Savior; after all, he's also Savior to so many others.

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