Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Our Man Bob"

You know those jokes
Told by some folks,
With Saint Peter at the gate?
He won’t have to ask, nor even wait

“Hi! I’m Bob and I’m a Christian!
How are you? What’s up, mister?”
Peter smiles. “Simply marvelous, dear.
Blessed beyond measure, now that you’re here.”

You see, our man is no stranger
To this place with no danger
I wouldn’t be at all surprised
If he’s giving tours to the newly arrived

He’ll meet the apostles and prophets
Full formal names? Nah, just drop it
Jimmy, Jerry, Pete, and Paul
Our beloved man knows ‘em all

They’ll share the verses that each of them wrote
Bob’ll race ‘em and probably quote
And just before he reaches race’s end,
He’ll turn, see, and say, “You are my Amen!”

He’ll kiss and embrace his Lordly Savior
His presence evermore to savor
By cuttin’ a rug in Heaven’s ballroom
Or standing silent—his only other volume

I knew this man first as a brother,
Then as pastor, mentor—almost a father
Showed me excellence: Don’t fudge it,
Especially when it comes to making a budget

Asked my boys, “Who does your hair?”
(This he never feared: number one, all over there)
We would argue the best way to drive:
Fast and precise or safe, sure to arrive

He sang this truth like it was an ode:
Christians don’t die, only change ZIP codes
Bob lived and led true wisdom from above
But most of all, he showed everyone love

His favorite Bible book was Ecclesiastes
And last of all but certainly not least:
This picture ought not be painted,
But who told you, you were naked?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"They'll All Be Soaked"

Some don't own it
Though it's freely given

Some left it at home
The forecast was certain

Some've never used it
—and don't know how

Some don't even know it exists
(Shame on us!)

Are you under the Umbrella?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Pickles Tickles Nickels"


All result in giggles

"Pay Day"

It's pay day
Time to collect your wages
All you've done,
All you've earned
Amounts to a quick drop
And a sudden stop
Sign the check and cash it in
This is what comes of sin

Sorry sir this check is void
Someone already collected on this account
The check's been canceled
I know you want what you deserve
Take it up with the bank
For all you'll get from me
Is a free gift
Use it wisely
Not all in one place
He paid for it all
Stamped it with grace

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Who Is My Brother?”

It’s one of those laws
Of which Jesus is boss:
Don’t be angry (without cause)

"Thou shalt not murder"
But He took it further:
Don’t even be a curser

But just who is my brother?

Must be more than blood
Because there exist some
Who do not have even one

Just those who believe?
Some have yet to perceive,
Think judgment’s what they’ll receive

So, who is my brother?

I go to the Greek
A sure answer to seek...
No. Attitude should be tweaked

Like expert’s "neighbor"
Let love never waver
And hatred lose its flavor

Want to be brothers?

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I love the way it looks,
Glistening and steaming on the stove
The way it smells,
Giving color to aroma
To taste it?
Oh! Gift from above!

Chocolate, cherry, apple, lime
Love 'em all—if only time

If I see a slice,
I'll want to smell it
When I get the scent,
I'll most assuredly want a bite
And if I taste,

I'll spoil my supper

It would be best for me to keep my nose in a book
And never ever enter the kitchen for a look