Thursday, March 31, 2016

"It Has Begun"

Let there be
Let them be gathered
Let them produce
And it was good

Let us make
And it was very good

Two certain trees
Surrounded by a garden
Two cherished ones
Parents of all men

Eve was tempted
Adam complicit
Nakedness known

The gate closed
God looked on,
Sorrowed, forlorn
"It has begun"

Let there be
Let her conceive
Let her choose
And she was good

Let him live
And he was very good

One certain tree
Not in a garden
One cherished one
Penance for all men

Christ was silent
Accusers complained
Righteousness sown

The nails pierced
God looked down,
Bleeding and scorned
"It is done"

Let them see
Let them be gathered
Let them rejoice
The news was good

Let him save
The news was very good

One certain stone
Rolled in a garden
One promised one
Presence to the end

Love is moving
Always comforting
Righteousness known

The Son rose
God looked 'round,
Veil's been torn
"It has begun"