Saturday, July 8, 2017


We're going to step outside
Where mosquitoes will surely bite
They really make you itch,
And with a lot of might,
They hold on really tight
It's hard to put them in sight
But if you slap
     and do it just right
You'll be free
     at least until tomorrow night

(with help from my three sons)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

"Holes In My Grief"

All thro' this ordeal
You have carried me
Held me tight
Despite my squirming

And now
You have poked holes in my grief
Hope shines and refreshes
But what is that hope?
I thought I had accepted
I thought I had moved on
But now I understand
That I was blind
That I was suffocating
You shine and You breathe into me

Other lights I brought
But they dimmed
I changed the batteries
But again they dimmed

Your light is true
Your light lasts
And needs no recharging

You have poked holes in my grief
Now I can breathe
And I long to see
With great clarity
What lies on the other side