Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Aisle Seven"

Super special deals
On funny wax lips
And toys with wheels
How about some tater chips?

From football snacks
To novels and whodunits
Fancy new backpacks
And those new whatchamacallits

“As seen on TV”
This game is lots of fun
Buy two and get one free?
I just have to have one!

My cart is full
(Even got a robe of fake silk)
And now I feel a fool—
Only wanted one gallon of milk

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Jesus Is Lord"

From straw-lined cave
To shattered grave
Jesus is Lord

From borrowed manger
To Emmaus stranger
Jesus is Lord

From virgin womb
To empty tomb
Jesus is Lord

From miraculous birth
To three days in the earth
Jesus is Lord

From light's first glory
To the end of His story
Jesus is Lord

From before creation
To after Revelation
Lord Jesus is

Sunday, December 11, 2011

"The Same As Ours"

In Bethlehem, in a manger one night,
Was born our Lord, a child with skin like snow;
No, no, no! He was dark, as black as night!
I have to ask: why do we argue so?
What color, do you think, were His new eyes?
They were probably a dark shade of brown,
But what’s it matter? He created skies!
This season, we honor that God came down
Let’s stop our fighting and our bickering;
He was not born for one color of skin
Celebrate Jesus Christ, our new born King!
And remember, later, He died for sin
 We must not forget—and His was a flood—
 What matters most: the color of His blood

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Rumor Has It"

I have heard rumor tell
Of a sandwich that you sell
With eggs and bacon, cheese on a waffle
It really does sound quite awful,
Yet I've got to try one for myself

Friday, December 9, 2011

"Turtle: Soup"

I once had a turtle named Soup
He saw my fork, began to droop
Then broke his cage, made good his escape
And set sail for Africa—Island—don’t mistake
Then sent me a post card, threw me for a loop

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Shepherd's Treasure"

Sunny morning in old Bethlehem town
Young boy seeking fun and looking around
Under and around his uncle’s low bed
Young boy found a package wrapped all in red

He opened it with extra special care
Must be something ever so very rare
Inside, a curving thing with shape of horn
It was hollowed out, from a ram’s head shorn

On to adventure, the young boy exclaimed
He dashed out seeking fame or some new game
Carrying with him his newly found prize
Wanted his friends to know it with their eyes

For what is it designed, they dared to ask
Not too sure, perhaps some watering task
Down to the well they excitedly ran
Water flowing, they washed their dirty hands

And then they saw across the dusty street
The old innkeeper making sadly greet
A man and his new bride (and she with child)
In the inn’s stable they had to reside

Returning to his home, ran the young boy
Laughing with delight, he played with new toy
Shepherd saw the horn and he did know it
He then taught his nephew how to blow it

Boy rested, contented smile on his face
‘Twas not too long when brightness lit the place
Soon after—shepherds’ shouts and running steps
With the commotion, boy no longer slept

Leaping, awake and alert, from his bed
Shepherd’s nephew followed to inn’s cold shed
They all found man and bride smiling greatly
To them, the best thing to happen lately

And finally, at length, and now at last
Our young boy did make his new horn to blast
Put to lips, the shepherd’s horn has been blown
Sound blared, the meaning suddenly is known

Starry, cold night in old Bethlehem town
People gathered from near and all around
This newborn baby, a king to behold
Jesus, the Christ, just as prophets foretold

The Light of lights is born and now has shined
In these, our world’s very darkest of times
Shepherd and nephew have beheld the King
And ushered in His reign with trumpeting

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Charlie's Harley"

There once was a man named Charlie
He rode a bike called a Harley
He dressed all in leather
And married a girl named Heather
But neither had taste for brew of barley

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Son of

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


wish to
write about
the Trinity
How many ways are
there that attempt to show
to the human mind just how
wonderful it is to know God?
An apple with its seed, skin, and pulp
The sun, a star, its awesome light and warmth
Water in three states: solid, liquid, and gas
Gifts eternal: faith and hope, then love (greatest of these)
Racing: a car and its driver, both in need of fuel
An acorn planted becomes an oak, becomes furniture
The Irish have a plant that works as a type (it’s the Shamrock)
All these fun ways to try to picture three in one and one in three
But why stop there? Surely, there are many more—let’s continue!
Maybe a computer? Hardware, software, and user too
That which was, that which is, and that which is yet to be
Marriage—man and wife, producing children for God
Literature: author, publisher, and book
Earthly witnesses: Spirit, water, blood
Spatial dimensions: length, width, and height
An egg with its yolk, white, and shell
Measures of meal with leaven
Understanding is not
needed for Heaven
Perhaps the best
is very


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Jesus Speaks"

Jesus speaks
It’s a sword
Jesus speaks
It’s some seed
You have in your hands
All the tools you need

When war should come
You’re already armed
Check your plow
Beat it into a sword
Check your pruning hook
Beat it into a spear

When war should end
And sowing begin again
You need not fear
Your sword and spear
Return with ease
To work done in peace

All the tools you need
You have in your hands
It’s some seed
Jesus speaks
It’s a sword
Jesus speaks

Monday, September 26, 2011


Chemically: crystalline carbon compound
Commonly consumed as coffee, Coke
Choices? Consider chocolate
Craziness careens corners

Attitude and attention adjuster
Autumn afternoon activator
Accelerated activities
Ask another altruistic answerable

Fathoming fatherhood
Folgers: fresh or frozen
Foolish frolicking
Fickle frazzled frog

Favorite flavor?
French fanilla (fun!)
Famous for flying
Fan for “FREEDOM!!”

Endurance enhancer
E’erlasting elixir
Endocrine epoxic effects
Essayist endorser

I, internal igniter
Interestingly included
In iced infusions
Imagine: ignorance imploded

Nosy noisy neighbors
Night-time ne’er-ender
Negative nightmares…
Nice neanderthal!

Everyone’s elated
Elliptical epiphany!
Elephants eat evergreens!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Park Us"

There once was a man from San Marcos
He volunteered, was asked to park us
He did his very best
E'en wore a safety vest
And used a flashlight in the darkness

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Righteous reverend
Christ as
Eternal can be
Yours too

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Off a plane
In Honolulu town
Greeted with petals
Of smile and lei

Sun has touched
Horizon far
Maybe dawn—
Light’s first wake?

Blended berries
Smooth and cold
Passion for a
fruit frappé

A twirling lady
Arms extended
Not ballet
Not even dance, per se

Week’s end
A welcome kiss
Love arrived
No longer away

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"The Call"

I have found myself aswim
—nay, rather say adrift—
in a stream of words
that has at source
the glory of dawn's first day
when God above parted lips
and dared to say

"Let there be"

I find in my company
those whose hands burned with cramps
and whose tongues, silvered by the Muse,
wagged and flapped light into men's lamps

I find myself inspired
to join the fray
and heed the gilded call,
providing truth thro' it all

No longer shall I await
Insp'ration's sweet embrace
I will tear from the air
the very tools I need
to sow the Sower's seed

World, beware!
Just as God once did,
so I dare

So I dare

My pen is loosed
Upon the hearts
of women, men, and childeren
I shall not stop
'til ink's last drop
or fleeting breath retire

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Peter's Wish"

When my night
Meets the day
Dawn of the new
And Jesus shall serve breakfast

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Taste And See"

Soft like a ripe plum
Sweet like golden honey
Warm like steaming bread
Filling like dawn's light
One bite is not enough
Another and another
Dripping down my lips
Staining my shirt
Moist'ning the earth
Please, Lord, I want some more

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"On A Lost Note"


"Kalos Poimen"

The sheep heard the shepherd crying
Came running

The Shepherd heard the sheep dying
Came running


Going 'round is an awful rumor
I'd laugh but there isn't any humor
Adam's race has an inborn tumor
Leads to death, a life consumer

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Under The Sun"

Something new under the sun...
Anything new under the sun?
Nothing new under the sun.
Everything new under the Son!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Already A Butterfly"

You see yourself and begin to frown
Time to turn those corners upside down
You're not a worm on the ground

The mirror's lies are cruel to you
You don't see what I do
Long brown hair
Soft smooth skin
Eyes of green or maybe blue
I look at you
Already a butterfly

"Only Dreaming"

Deceiver had a dream
Made an impression, it seems
The stone he used for a pillow?
Added oil—now a pillar

Jacob, Jacob, do you know
What it is you were shown?
An awesome and mighty ladder,
Or was it Him—the Latter Adam?

Indeed it was a stairway to Heaven
Also a tasty loaf without leaven
You've got to know—your dream is real!
Prince of God, arise! You are Israel!

God, so very very gracious,
Visited the restricted of Patmos
A voice like a thousand thunders
Full of truth and shining wonders

Johnny, Johnny, have you heard?
You saw Him—Christ the Word!
A mighty king in a golden crown
Quick now, write it down!

Worthy is the righteous Lamb
(This vision is not a sham)
God's preplanned deal now unsealed
The end of time fully revealed

Don't you know the price was paid
By the holy blood He gave?
Your life's reborn from the Wild
You're God's beloved—a chosen child

Reader, reader, what's your dream?
From what we've learned and what we've seen
You should already be in the know
God also makes your vision grow

Dream big and speak it out
Never, ever give in to doubt
Hold your precious head up high
And just reach up for the sky

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Fishers Of Men"

Pulsing laser lights
May get a few bites
And hot guitar rock
Will keep the pond stocked
But we need seekers
For the ocean is deeper

Some love to be the giver
Others, drowning downriver,
Have right now heartaches
From out-of-date mistakes
Let's heal their regrets
It's time we let down our nets!

We're fishing a lake
With trawls that don't break
God's holy book—
A double-edged hook
But what's the worm
If not the Promise of His Word?

Their lives are on the line
As we near the end of time
Let's find a new bait
(We've got to end the hate)
Get them in the boat
And give them eternal hope

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Memories Of You"

Johnny Carson and then Jay Leno
Juicy Fruit gum...half a piece
The secret door for staff (and family) at the clinic
Pete's Place with poker dogs
Bacon cheeseburgers and sweet tater fries
Back scratches and lap naps
Movies, music, and Left Behind
Learning gravy and loving breakfast
San Antonio, Austin, Fort Smith, and more
Rough-housing not allowed
Sneaking candy
Christmas jammies
Playing cards, dominoes—you know:
Tic and Train?
Canoeing hair and hairless surprises
Memories of you

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Lying Awake"

The dark winds of midnight
Tearing holes in my heart
I am ashamed
I am a shamed

For a man of peace
I sure am conflicted

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Slish Slosh Slide"

Cool of the day
Right after a shower
Rain drips from trees
Like the Lord's abundance


Walking where You dwell
Mouth open wide
Rain drips from trees
I drink Your abundance


Water-mingled earth
Yours by second birth
Rain drips from trees
I'm running over...abundance


Good to be filled
Rapturous to be Yours
Rain drips from trees
Here comes another shower

Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Pattern Shatterer"

Inspired utterances—more than a smatter
High, high hopes, e'en from pitter-patter

His preaching made the hatters madder:
"The least yeast makes the better batter"

Rumor mills and flattering chatter
Cousin's head served on a platter

Palms and coats and praises slathered
A right-now king they would rather

Closest friends, their feet he lathered
Then one betrayed, one denied, and all did scatter

His body crushed and torn to tatters
Climbed a tree without a ladder

Drip-drop, drip-drop, red holy splatter
Conquering death's venom spitting adder

Now he's dead and now we're sadder
Two days pass: Mary, what's the matter?

Fifty more, then we'll gather
To glorify Him, our pattern shatterer