Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Down The Gavel"

Truth the rule.
Sin the crime.
Guilty the verdict.
Death the sentence.

Not by act,
nor by thought,
Not by will,
just by birth.

The trial is done.
The verdict is in.
"Innocent!" we hope,
but "Guilty!" we’ll get.

The prosecution rests.
The Judge has decreed.
Down, down, down it comes,
the Judge’s great gavel.

But lo!
The Defense has risen.
Forward He steps
to boldly protest:

"Death it be,
I must agree.
But Your Honor, I object.
Take me. Take me."

The gavel can't stop,
continues to drop.
The Defense reaches—
Himself on the desk.

"That was my Son,"
The Judge dared to think.
"What's done is done,
sealed in red ink."

The hour is late.
The table is turned.
The slate is erased. adjourned