Thursday, February 28, 2013

"The Narrow Path"

In ancient times, all of Egypt did grieve
Failed to recall what Joseph had started
After ten plagues, king demanded they leave
Moses did pray, led through Red Sea parted
On a more recent night, long before morn,
For an answer, Nicodemus quested
Then spake the Truth: you must again be born
He went away confused and perplexèd
Two months after most recent December
I witnessed again a momentous joy
(The other two I clearly remember):
Blood accompanied arrival of boy
 Nation, spirit, person: births unfolded
 Narrow path unveiled: Beauty beholded

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Midnight Diaper"

i cannot yet squat
i squirm
i squiggle
i squirt and squizzle

wait for it
wait for it

diaper's fresh

squirt, squizzle

turned red like a t'mater
do it again
three hours later

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Momentous first breath
Breathtaking moment
Tears, smiles mingle

Silence shattered:
Hello, world!

What’s his name?
Dappled, bright fame

I didn’t know
I could fall in love
A fourth time

Pixels distilled
A century of likes
Coupled with salutations:

Flowers and Hi!
Kissies and smiles
Son of my right hand

Little fire
After school
Covered ears
Overcame fears

O how cute!
O how big!

When will life resume?
It’s been changed

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"A Dozen Roses For Rissie"

Rose by another name
Just might smell as sweet
But soon they die—that’s just lame

Could cook a meal to eat
Food you really like
But the clock, I could not beat

Don’t own a tandem bike
(With basket for cheese)
Someday, wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe: circus trapeze?
As Cupid takes aim,
This reminder on the breeze:

Love is never a game
It’s also not neat
Hard work, sacrifices made

But the reward is sweet
Better than “creamed ice”
That you and I like to eat

Children we’ve had, soon thrice
(Growing fam’ly’s trees)
Waiting eagerly for Bryce

Makes me weak in the knees
To think of the Name
Who loves much better than these

Marissa, you’re my dame
You make me sing, tweet
Love by you—better than fame

Please accept this new feat:
Poetry rules—mine
A little rhyme and some beat

I really hope you like
“Roses” made with ease
And one more request this time:

Though I laugh when I sneeze
(You love me the same),
Once more, this year, be mine—please