Monday, December 28, 2009

"Blade: A Warrior's Lament"

I miss it
Its cold, folded steel a comfort,
Reassuring to weathered hands
A companion constant
A decision instant
Our movements a dance

I long for it
Its fine edge a biting kiss
Just the two of us
Sharp, quick justice
To hold it again
Be bold, old friend
Forgive me my sin

I will reclaim it

Saturday, December 26, 2009

"'Twas The Morn After Christmas"

On the other side of a nine-paneled pane,
Leaveless trees shivering in the cold,
Branches stretching, reaching, aching for the sun

Within, sleep and slumber start to wane
Four generations celebrating the Birth
People stretching, reaching, waking—new day begun

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"When Jesus Walks"

When Jesus walks in darkened lands
Atop charred soils and scorched sands
He leaves footprints outlined in light
And up spring flowers—a gardener's delight
He brings life, power, truth anew
To everyone—even me and you

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"In My Father's Arms"

In my father's arms
I find great love so pure

In my father's arms
I find strength to endure

In my father's arms
I am free from harm

In my father's arms
I am totally secure

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"To See The World Through The Eyes Of An Eagle"

High above the plains
Nothing seems quite the same
Learning to fly
Can't be afraid
Daddy's nearby
We whirl and dive
We spread our wings out wide
Soaring high up in the sky
Mountains shrink from sight
Clouds part, reveal the night
Can't be afraid
Daddy's nearby
Pushed out of the nest
Into His ultimate rest
Flying high
Flying higher
Staring at the sun
My flight's only just begun
Soaring with the Son

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Tis Of Thee"

My Savior, tis of thee,
Giver of liberty, of thee I sing;
Son of the Father's love,
Returning from above,
Let every tongue proclaim that you are King!


Oh, say can you see by the Lord's holy light
Who so proudly we nailed to Golgotha's cursed tree?
Whose back stripes and white scars from betrayal's delight
Oh the pain he endured was for our hope and healing
Then the angels declared he was no longer there
The grave is empty now our Lord is risen
Oh, say that Jesus still reigns eternally
O'er the homes of the saved and the hearts of the free!

Praise God!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Warning Of Rain"

The sky is falling
The street is rising
You could still slide
Despite your sizing
So let's decrease our speed
And increase their lead
And arrive all the more wisely

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"New To Me"

Nothing new under the sun
But as I read of Your Son
It’s new to me

Every page that I turn
Every truth that I learn
It’s new to me

Through the Bible seven score
Never seen that verse before
It’s new to me

Once was lost, now I’m saved
By His grace through my faith
I’m new to me

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I see the whole world
All of history unfurled
But in this moment
I'm holding this boy

He shall set straight our feet
And be the one to redeem
At last, He's come!
I'm holding Him now!

I've waited these years
Lived with my fears
Now I can relax
And be held by this King

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Cover Me"

I'm in a fight
A battle awful and fierce
I'm in a fight
Cover me

I'm going in
Taking heat to the enemy
I'm going in
Cover me

Fighting hard
Stunning, gunning, running
Fighting hard
Cover me

Darts afire flying
Cover me

I'm standing tall
Armor on, sword strong
I'm standing tall
Pray for me

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"No Longer"

Kneeling in the rain
Reeling from the pain
Looking up
I'm at a loss
He's no longer on the cross

Weeping for my oath
Sleeping in the grove
Waking up
At a great "Boom!"
He's no longer in the tomb

Walking to my home
Falling on the road
Standing up
Asked in my heart
We're no longer worlds apart

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"For Dinner Tonight"

For dinner tonight
We had Italian
Aidan ate his share
Like a racehorse stallion

Fettuccine alfredo
And stuffed ravioli
He's not yet fork-happy
So Aidan, he got it all over

A smile from ear to ear
Red stain from chin to nose
Dinner's now finished
Where's the garden hose?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"This Is Joy!"

Upturned lips
Catching tears
No more doubts
No more fears

This is joy!
This is joy!

Dancing, leaping,
Singing, shouting,
No more sadness
No more pouting

This is joy!
This is joy!

Heart beating fast
Rhythm all aflutter
Jehovah Jehovah
This One's my Father!

Boy oh boy!
This, this is joy!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"At The End Of Twelve Years"

I've got to get to him before long
How to move through this throng?
If I don't hurry, he'll soon be gone

I shouldn't be here; they'll know!
I'll just turn around and head home,
but there's nothing there. I'm so alone

I've asked for help from docs, priests, even the gov'ment
I spent all I had, down to my last hard-earned cent
No, I've got to touch him, even just his garment

I turn and I push; they won't let me through
Through muck and mud and probably drool
Down on my knees, I crawl like a fool

I'm spotted. "Unclean!" someone yells really loud
I twist and I punch, no longer too proud
I kick and I claw as I burst through the crowd

Reaching forward, I brush just the tip
And down I go, a nasty bad trip
My rags, already torn, suffer a mighty rip

The crowd pushes me down into the dirt
I'm lower than low, lost my last worth
But he has stopped, suddenly alert

"Who has touched me? I felt virtue!!"
He turned, he saw, he said, "Oh it's you!"
He knelt on the ground. "Daughter, thy faith is true!"

I stood, quivering and shaking the dust from my hand
I'm healed, I'm free, most blessed in the land!
I met Him: Jesus, the God-with-us man!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"These Intercessors Three"

Patties, Kay
Patties, Kay
Pray for me

For fruitful growth
and to be made free

Say it
Pray it
Stand in the gap

Praying up to Heaven
for ev'rybody

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"You Will Be My God"

Whether it's morning
or noon time
Whether it's evening
or night time

You will be my God
You will be my God

Whether I'm downcast
or happy
Whether in turmoil
or peaceful

You will be my God
You will be my God

Whether a poor man
or wealthy
Whether a sick man
or healthy

You will be my God
You have paid the price
My deliverer
Jesus my Christ

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Little Miss Fergus"

Little Miss Fergus
Drove to San Marcos
Her wedding dress waving away

Bride in a wedding
In ol' Springs Dripping
She'll tie the knot two days away

She'd borrowed a truck
And just her fine luck
It only had old cassette tapes

She said, "What the heck?"
Presented her check
Of money, a fair bit she paid

Little Miss Fergus
Had chartered her bus
A limo's too small for this dame

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Gregory Lutton"

Ol’ Gregory Lutton
Never ate nuttin
Save for meat meat meat

Brisket, sausage, chicken and riiibs
These things were the fav’rites o’ his
Called them a real treat treat treat

“Tea’s for lightweights,” he’d think
“Barbecue sauce is my only drink”
Give it to him sweet sweet sweet

He passed on trimmin’ the fat
Just turned ‘round his hat
And back in his chair leant leant leant

He sat all day
At the barbecue buffet
Havin’ all he could eat eat eat

Came in for lunch
Stayed thro’ the evenin’ munch
It was quite a feat feat feat

He ate not a bit o’ roast mutton
But poor ol’ Gregory Lutton
Finished his meal and broke his seat seat seat

Friday, April 17, 2009

"New Arrival"

From soft colors and warm places
To new rooms and smiling faces
Your dreams are changing
Your dreams are changing

From round little nose
To ten wiggly toes
Your body’s changing
Your body’s changing

Welcome to the world
Little boy or little girl
Our world is changing
Our world is changing

You are the reason
For a very new season
Our dreams are changing
Our dreams are changing

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Gotten By The Begotten"

I remind you
I have only one Begotten
But you are My gotten
I made Him
I chose you
I made Him
to get you
You are My gotten
He is My Begotten
He is My one and only Son
You are My daughters, My sons

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Baptized Appetizer"

Bored gourd
In salads or alone
Ranch dressing dipper
Flavored water sipper

or sour
Injected, subjected
With burgers or alone
New creation born
Cuke transformed

In the words of Bentley comma T
Lord please, please pickle me

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Learn From The Birds"

Ducks in cold cold water
Never ever bothered

Eagles hunting, soaring
Always seeking, never boring

Penguins lacking wings to fly
Underneath the water dive

Sparrows in His hand
Two for a penny in that land

Ostrich running
Or tail feathers sunning

Chickens squawking
Together flocking

Read the Book
Find the words
Learn the rest
From the birds

Watch them wheel and dive
They rest and yet still fly
Soaring up on rising heat
Ever seeking a bit to eat
They fly so easily
Riding the wind, ever breezily

"If I Measure"

If I measure a line
I discover its

If I measure a square
I discover its

If I measure a box
I discover its

So too is anything
 (and everything)

Save one

One thing
 and one thing only has
   these three
 and one more

If I measure God's love
I discover...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Some Assembly Required"


  1 Spirit
  1 Torso
  2 Arms
  2 Legs
  1 Head
  2 Eyes
  2 Ears
  1 Mouth
  1 Nose
  200,000 Hairs
  1 Mind
  1 Will
  1 Emotions Kit


  Insert Spirit into Torso
  (Make sure it stays whole)
  Attach Arms
  (We’ve included some yarn)
  Join Legs
  (Locate the slots, insert the pegs)
  Secure Head
  (You may have to provide extra thread)
  Insert Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose
  (Double-check where everything goes)
  Count each Hair and apply
  (Refer to Figures One through Five)

Step two

  Combine Mind and Will with Emotions Kit
  (Some parts may not precisely fit)

  If all done correctly
    Product now complete


  All parts shipped damaged
  Undamaged parts missing
  Do not return to store
  Contact Manufacturer
    for replacement parts
  Reference Lot Number One Twenty-Six
  Reference Unit Number Two Seven

For best results
  refer to Owner’s Manual frequently

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Archer Of Archers"

I saw a man seated on a mountain
Raining down arrows like a fountain
Arrows sailed but failed to kill
Instead blessings poured forth from the hill

I must have been mistook
So I took a second look
Not just a man I’d glanced
But rather Him, the One they’d lanced

There He sat with bow all bent
Having aimed, His arrows sent
His eye was notorious
His bow was glorious

Hewn of hues, these special seven
Covenant sign from Holy Heaven
Made just right of refracted light
Arrows arrows, piercing the night

His blessings abound like a river
He rains down arrows from His quiver
So lower it, lower your shield
But only to Him should you yield

Speak out your needs as a prayer
You’re the target so be prepared
As sure as love, as swift as a lark
God never ever misses the mark

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sheer cliff
Victory up
Destruction a misplaced step away
To move forward is uncertain
To stop is dangerous
To go back...impossible

"Let go"
  (A voice on the wind)

But I'll fall

"Yes and I'll catch you"

But I'll fall

"You risk falling even now
  What's different?"

Right now, I'm safe


I'll cling to this mountain
It's not going anywhere

"Neither are you"

What do you want?
Do you expect me to fly?

  And trust"

I'm not a bird

  Fly like one"

Sheer cliff
Victory up
Destruction a misplaced step away
To move forward is uncertain
To stop is dangerous
To go back...impossible
To let go?
  To trust?

"I've got you"

I know
To let go

I don't have wings

  take Mine"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Veni Vidi Venti"

To slay that draggin'
You really need a good night
But when your bed's a bit too far
Take a break
Pull over your car

Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew
Really anything will do
Rockstar Monster
Superduper mocha caramel lotta latte
Crunch some beans
Just buy yourself some caffeine

Now you're going
Now you're good
What's that monkey
on your hood?

Eeee eeee ooo ooo




Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Always Look A Gift Fish In The Mouth"

Trojans ruined the horse
And yes, fish may smell worse

Jonah went a-wandering
Peter came a-pondering

What will you find
When you cast your line?

A warning of judgment, perhaps
Or a coin, the temple tax?

Will you find a prophet?
Mayhap a bit of profit?

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Never Again"

Never again
No, never
Never again
Shall I ever
Cook breakfast
Before getting dressed

Never again
Shall I be
Makin' bacon naked

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Beautiful Feet"

O how precious
  are the feet of those
  who bring the message
of peace
between God and man

O how precious
  are the feet of those
  who bring the message
of joy
from God to man

O how precious
  are the feet of those
  who bring the message
of healing
to our land

O how precious
  are the feet of those
  who bring the message
of the life
of God for man

O how precious
  are the feet of those
  who bring the message
of grace
by faith

O how precious
is the message
on the feet of those
who bring it

Hear the precious message
from His voice
as He sings it







to man

Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Word Of Faith"

The answer's there
on the tip of my tongue
but I'm not even sure of the question

It's like it's a mouse
and I'm a cat
but smart mice stay hidden
What's the answer? What's the riddle!?

If only someone would tell me
If only someone would tell me

I'd get the answer if I
knew the question
I just know it, feel it

And it won't let me go
Nags and gnaws at me
Must be very important
And yet? And yet?

(Romans 10:8-15)


Make the devil mad
Be glad! Be glad!

The work is done!
Sin's on the run

Oil of gladness
An end to sadness

Praise and ring
Dance and sing

End of night
Take delight

Make some room
For our kingly Groom

Tell the boys
Make a noise

Stand to your feet
Now, repeat

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"How Much?"

I asked Him how much
He cried drops of blood

I asked Him how much
He silently took a beating

I asked Him how much
Stripes upon stripes He bore

I asked Him how much
He marched up a hill

I asked Him how much
He stretched out His arms

I asked Him how much
His side was pierced

I asked Him how much
He bowed His head

I asked Him how much
His gaze loving, intense
He said, “Son,
I’d do it again”

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Here I Sit"

Here I sit with pen in hand
Dreaming of God's promised land

I long to write and touch His heart
How do I know? What's my part?

It seems to me I cannot think
Unless inspired by His drink

Poetry is more by far than only rhyme
It's gotta come from the heart, ev'ry time

What inspires me to write?
It's Jesus Christ and His light

Spirit poems are my best
I usually struggle with the rest

Spend more time with God indeed
Pray and study and Bible read

Time with God must be time apart
From all else that pulls my heart

He must be first or not at all
But I've found myself against a wall

Give me axe and give me hammer
Lest I stop and start to stammer

God and heart to pen and paper
Then I'll bind it with a stapler

"Shaayrd Dreams"

Stained-glass adventures
A world of reversed youth
One-eyed villains
Pope of France
—Can’t be known
Seeking the library
From hotel’s roof
Hear the people clink as they walk
Christmas show extravaganza
—Nutcracker, Santa Claus, and steroids
World within a window
Tessellations in reverse

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Broken But Not Forgotten"

The shelf was bumped
I fell to the floor
A vessel broken
A clay pot shattered
Pieces, pieces
Pieces scattered

Time moved on
Cobwebs spun
A vessel forgotten
A clay pot shattered
Pieces, pieces
Pieces scattered

The potter entered
Inventory taken
A vessel found
A clay pot shattered
Pieces, pieces
Pieces scattered

The broom met floor
Dust and webs removed
A vessel collected
A clay pot shattered
Pieces, pieces
Pieces gathered

Carefully inspected
All shards accounted
A vessel redone
Clay pot watered
Pieces, pieces
Pieces soldered

The wheel turned
The fire burned
A vessel remade
Clay pot adorned
Peace is, peace is
Peace is restored