Wednesday, January 22, 1997

"While I Sleep"

Walking along, humming a song;
Thinking of you, my love so true.
A sword through my heart, they call it art.
How many people have seen me weep, at night while I sleep?

Wishing you were there, keeping me warm from the cold, cold air;
With your smile the length of a mile
And your eyes so blue, and your voice so true.
How many people have seen me weep, at night while I sleep?

You’d be my life, if you’d be my wife.
If you say “yes,” I’d be so very blessed,
Tell me Honey, would you marry me?
How many people have seen me weep, at night while I sleep?

"Watching You Scribble That Name"

Watching you scribble that name
Upon the note of bank
Makes my stomach turn
And I begin to feel rank.

When he died, you wept.
I don’t understand why
Because you immediately turned
And married another guy.

Have you enough grieved?
I know I had not when
You told me the news.
Not grieving. I think it’s a sin.

That name that is not yours
But you sign it anyway.
I cannot accept him, your new husband,
As my grandfather, because he is not, no way.

You pretend to love him,
But do you really? Love him, I mean.
You know I love you,
But can you expect me to love him, too?


Walking thro’ the lot
On my return from lunch;
I’m a little late, so
There are people about, but not a bunch.

For some reason unknown,
Everyone is quiet and silent.
I would have noticed never
If not for my talent.

Suddenly a sound – what could it be?
As I turn to look and see
What has so startled me,
I gaze upon a box from the Queen, Dairy.

The wind blows, the trees wave
Leaves – I think they are – rustle
Sorry…no I am wrong
It is things left behind by people in a bustle.

People too lazy – or too busy –
To pack it along to the next can.
“The power is yours,” so says Cap. Planet
Which means quite simply, “Anyone can!”

These lots for parking are now known
By a name so disturbing to man
That he contributes more to the name of
These: The school yard WASTElands.


Tree, so tall, your leaves so green,
You wave to everyone who passes by,
You speak with the wind so dry,
You find water for me to drink, water so clean.

Tree, so tall, your leaves so green,
Thank you for saving me from the red dye,
That comes from the great blue sky,
Now I’m sad, for now you lean.

Tree, so tall, your leaves so green,
You touch the great blue sky;
And sometimes, I ask, “Why
Was your death not nice but mean?"


many times i feel sad
i dont know why
i may have been bad
i think its called depression
when youre always sad

life may be something fun
for you but not for me
i wish i could fly to the sun
but it is too hot and i would die
however that might be fun

i am seeing a doctor
once every two weeks
i knock on his door
he talks to me and gives me medicine
but i dont know if it works from the doctor

whenever it rains
i feel somewhat better
whenever it shines i cry out in pain
maybe its too bright
but i like the rain

i have an uncle whos
been an alcoholic
he got in trouble with the fuzz
hes better now but thats
no excuse for making me go boo-hoo

my mom is on prozac
im on zoloft
both for the same illness
it helped my mom and it should me too
but zoloft is not working maybe will prozac

drugs may help
and they may hurt
ive never tried them
so i dont know
but maybe they do help

i talked to a friend
just last night
she said i should never end
what ive got to live for
i believe her my ex-girlfriend

i know im not alone
but at times i feel like i am 
i can get help through friends on the phone
but sometimes they just laugh and say
sean youre not alone

other kids are alone too
at least they think they are
maybe they just dont know what to do
maybe theyre frightened and lonely
sometimes i am frightened and lonely too

when i was a freshman
and on the swim team
a man hanged himself i think his name was juan
i didnt know him that well
still it impacted my life as a freshman

when i was at camp
in the summer of 95
i sat in my tent with a knife in my hands clamped
i wrote a note to the others and realized that
it would ruin more lives than mine at camp


Dare I say that you are a rose,
With such beauty and so many thorns?
Is this poetry, or ‘tis it prose?
Your face, such beauty adorns.

Dare I say that you are a rose,
Who’s born in Spring,
And in Winter – dead a rose?
Angels get wings, when you a bell do ring.

Dare I say that you are a rose,
Whose roots in history are deep?
As a model, will you pose?
I love you so, that very much I weep.


If you won’t do it for thee
And you won’t do it for others,
Will you just do it for me?
Why can’t you just quit?

Smoking is definitely not the best
And neither is dope, weed, or alcohol.
You think you’re better than all the rest,
But why can’t you just quit?

You have a son and you had a wife.
Is smoking and drinking the answer,
Or is it just ruining your life?
Why can’t you just quit?

I came home from work, just the other night.
I saw four cars that belonged to cops.
I saw you standing among them, and came to me a great fright.
Why can’t you just quit?

Is it worth it to go to jail,
And get out at three ante meridiem?
Can you afford the expensive bail?
Why can’t you just quit?


There are questions without answers.
There are problems without solutions.
There are employers without employees.
There are leaves without trees.

Are these things orphans, 
Like a child without parents? 
Or are they things that are meant to be, 
Like unanswered pleas. 

There are peas without pods.
There are rings without bells.
There are classes without teachers.
There are churchers without preachers.

Are these things alone, 
Like grumpy old Scrooge? 
Or are these things part of a bigger whole, 
Like the stars and stripes on the tall flag pole? 

There are passengers without plane.
There are pilots without stove.
There are pictures without frames.
There are children without games.

Are these things abandoned, 
Like a lost little kitty cat? 
Or are these things parts of life, 
Like a man without a wife? 

There are cases without lawyers.
There are wheels without axles.
There are braces without teeth.
There are hangers without wreath.

Are these things hopeless, 
Like a dead soul’s search for life? 
Or are these things well to do, 
Like a ghost who accepts death with a “boo”?

"Over The Wall"

Over the wall...
  Comes a bright, red ball.
  I the ball up pick
  And back over the wall I kick.

Over the wall...
  A golden thing will fall.
  I wish to keep it in my pocket
  But I throw back that lovely locket.

Over the wall...
  Goes a great big fire ball.
  It lands and shatters.
  Then everything clatters.

Over the wall...
  A beautiful, dead body will fall.
  And in her pocket...
  A bright, red ball and a golden locket.

"Of Myself I Sing"

Of I myself I will sing:
  Every time I make a bell to ring,
  An angel will receive at least one wing.
  Some say that I am funny, quite,
  To which I say: “You’re quite right!”
  For it’s of myself I will sing.

Of myself I sing:
  Whenever the doorbell or the phone has a ring,
  I rush to answer it because I
  Believe it is for the person of my.
  I am tall, and that’s no small thing
  Because it’s of myself that I now sing.

Of myself I have sung:
  A song of my intellect
  Will do, quite perfect.
  Since I have fun at the school on high,
  I have made just two B’s,
  The others have all been A’s to my.


Insects are pesky little things
That crawl and fly and sting
All through the night.
Yes, some do sting, and some do bite.
But all insects are pesky little things.

Six legs and two eyes,
Those little things are disguised
As brutal little warriors of the night,
Who sting, suck, and bite.
Again those insects are pesky little things.

Mosquitoes, flies, and ants
All make you itch beneath your pants.
At baseball games, picnics, and more,
You always end up sore,
From those pesky little things.


Graceful as an eagle, older than the world.
This creature is barely legal with its wings unfurled.

Breath of flames and blood of fire,
This creature is large and has many blames, but it can soar higher than the highest spire.

Many legends have told how menacing and evil
Is this creature of old, whose scales were formed upon an anvil.

Wings of leather and scales of iron,
He comes to bring bad weather and to make infants start cryin’.

Slain by a knight, so noble and true.
This creature is still a great fright to me and everyone, even you.

Grasping a crystal ball, soaring through the air,
Climbing up a steep, steep wall, this creature lays souls bare.

Living in caves and eating magicians,
They are heralded like knaves. “None are left,” so say statisticians…
But I think they’re just wishin’.


The hot sands thrive in the heat of day,
and melt away at the first voice of night.
The sun burns all through the lighted hours,
like a burning ball hanging from string so tight.

The creatures of this terrible wasteland
are forced to burrow deep into the soil
to keep from being overly exhausted,
for they hide all day long in work and toil.

The large cactus plants store water for many,
yet they too need the magical fluid to survive
in their kingdom of few. Few men dare to enter,
for only brave and courageous people shall thrive.

"David And Me"

David and me, different are we;
However us, too, are much the same,
But who is to blame for us being the same?

Both to him and me, our grades are supreme;
Both to him and me, failure does not exist;
Our friends are of the utmost importance;
Neither one of us likes to share,
What it is that he must bear.

Deadlines cause me stress;
Effected by pressure is the way I dress;
I lose sleep over things so small;
I don’t like smoking, not at all;
I am not affected by ignorance,
And I do like to dance,
That’s me and that’s all.

Coaches cause David pressure;
Of his religion can he not disclose;
Violence occurs over things so small;
His money has no effect at all;
David, he’s affected by ignorance;
And he enjoys the dance;
That’s David, and that’s final.

David and me, different are we;
However us, too are much the same;
I know who is to blame for us being the same.
Do you?

"All I Really Want Is A Hug"

While I try to unscrew the nuts of lug,
All I really want is a hug,
But no! Nobody even gives a care,
Why! You wouldn’t even dare.

I am shaken up very, very much,
But do you care? I should think at least not in that such.
I could have been hurt, maimed or even killed;
Fortunately, I was not; but at times it happened I had willed.

“NO TV TONIGHT!!” you furiously shouted;
I knew this would happen, never even doubted.
I love you so much that I would die for you, and yet,
You’d never think to do the same for me, I’d bet.

It was fun while it lasted, but
It did not last quite long enough. “What?”
You ask. I refer not to cars or to wrecks, but to life,
Mine, that is, filled with anger, sadness, and strife.

Now that I’ve unscrewed the final nut of lug,
Still, all I want from you is a hug.
Have you any (hugs!) for me this day?
Alas! It is too late! I’ve already gone away!


Up here above the clouds;
The people are so little;
I wonder: “What are they having for vittles?”
Watching the quilted map below, with my music so loud.

Up here above the world,
I am with angels as they sing
And their bells do ring;
Soaring with eagles, wings unfurled.

Up here above the ocean
Where the dolphins swim
And the lights are so dim.
Lifted up high are mine, the emotions.

Up here above all else,
I am free of all worldly things,
As I fly with my eagle-like wings.
Where are you, somewhere else –
Down below, perhaps?