Thursday, February 14, 2002


With each day comes more and more rain
Chilling to the bone and with it comes pain

I’m getting drenched – I shouldn’t be out
But within is fear, regret, and doubt

The water soaks through my clothes
But I’m unaffected – too many woes

Can’t tell if I’ve got feet – they’ve probably gone numb
But what does it matter? Sunshine won’t come

The water fills the nooks, the crannies, the holes
I yearn for warmth, deep down in my soul

Where is the sun? It’s up and disappeared
It’s bad – yes it’s even worse than I feared

What are my odds to get out of this flood?
I have to find a way to lift my face from the mud

Perhaps, just by chance, along will come a boat
But, alas, I stare around and see that there really is no hope

The water continues to both fall and rise
But wait! A shining ray through the clouds? What a prize!

And then I see it, there on my chest
A single chance: a cross on which my burdens can rest

The light spreads and the water recedes
Warmth fills my heart, my soul, my very being

I’m lifted up high and I see down below
The flood is no more but the water yet flows

I’ll always remember that time in my life
But from this point on, I’ll have hope – even at night

Thank you God

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