Tuesday, October 5, 2004

"Rose Of Sharon"

Bright red crimson toes
Your blood drips down falling in rows
Your body limp,
Are you still a man?
  It’s hard to tell
You were bruised
  beaten broken
    for me
Your eyes (even still)
  ever heavenward
always doing the will
  of Our Father
I cannot grasp that you’re dead—
  and you did it for me, for love
You’re dead?
  You’re dead.
    You’re dead!
I have grieved
  these last days three
and grieve I still.
How? How can this be
  God’s will?
I mourn! I weep! I cry!
It’s not fair that you
  should die.

But wait!
  What’s this?
You told us you would
  yes You did quite clear
But we didn’t listen—
  or didn’t hear
My grief wanes
  and joy replaces
Unbelievable, uncontainable
  joy unlimited

You died. But You live!
  You live!
    And now I can too!

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