Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"In Honor Of The Last Day Of Finals"

I’ve ridden ‘coasters
I’ve been at sea
I need a new thrill
But what could it be?

I’ll soon be a dad
I’ve trotted the globe
Oh I know!
I’ll go to work wearing a robe!

I woke up next morn
Excited and ‘freshed
Prepped myself
And then got dressed

Coworkers questioned
Passengers just stared
I forgot to tell you
I hadn’t combed my hair

My boss took me aside.
Made me promise, made me swear.
"Please tell me the truth," he begged.
"Are you naked under there?"

The boss of my boss
Showed up with his daughter
Now I’m finished!
Surely headed for slaughter

My effort for a new
Finals tradition
Had instead become
An act of sedition

Too few had applauded
"Enough is enough,"
I said to myself,
"I’m going home…to be in the buff."

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