Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Super Clooper"

Dawn to dusk
Driving a bus
in tight circles
around campus

Hear a train whistle
Think of other routes
They have to wait

Plenty of places to take a break
Food to eat
rooms to rest

Eleven construction projects
all within sight
Long lonely day in summer
Longer, busier day in fall

Why would you put a bike on my bus?
Why would you put yourself on my bus?
Faster to ride
Faster to walk

Lots of bumps
Five speed humps

Four laps per shift
No that’s just a wish
More like eight
(itty bitty halfs are great)

Where does this bus go?
Round and round
Where do I stop...
Why doesn’t anyone know?

LBJ (Center and street)
Tacos sure would be neat
Sweaties and scientists
Unlived apartments
Commons and Tower
JCK or Jowers?

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