Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Only Dreaming"

Deceiver had a dream
Made an impression, it seems
The stone he used for a pillow?
Added oil—now a pillar

Jacob, Jacob, do you know
What it is you were shown?
An awesome and mighty ladder,
Or was it Him—the Latter Adam?

Indeed it was a stairway to Heaven
Also a tasty loaf without leaven
You've got to know—your dream is real!
Prince of God, arise! You are Israel!

God, so very very gracious,
Visited the restricted of Patmos
A voice like a thousand thunders
Full of truth and shining wonders

Johnny, Johnny, have you heard?
You saw Him—Christ the Word!
A mighty king in a golden crown
Quick now, write it down!

Worthy is the righteous Lamb
(This vision is not a sham)
God's preplanned deal now unsealed
The end of time fully revealed

Don't you know the price was paid
By the holy blood He gave?
Your life's reborn from the Wild
You're God's beloved—a chosen child

Reader, reader, what's your dream?
From what we've learned and what we've seen
You should already be in the know
God also makes your vision grow

Dream big and speak it out
Never, ever give in to doubt
Hold your precious head up high
And just reach up for the sky

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