Monday, December 5, 2011

"Shepherd's Treasure"

Sunny morning in old Bethlehem town
Young boy seeking fun and looking around
Under and around his uncle’s low bed
Young boy found a package wrapped all in red

He opened it with extra special care
Must be something ever so very rare
Inside, a curving thing with shape of horn
It was hollowed out, from a ram’s head shorn

On to adventure, the young boy exclaimed
He dashed out seeking fame or some new game
Carrying with him his newly found prize
Wanted his friends to know it with their eyes

For what is it designed, they dared to ask
Not too sure, perhaps some watering task
Down to the well they excitedly ran
Water flowing, they washed their dirty hands

And then they saw across the dusty street
The old innkeeper making sadly greet
A man and his new bride (and she with child)
In the inn’s stable they had to reside

Returning to his home, ran the young boy
Laughing with delight, he played with new toy
Shepherd saw the horn and he did know it
He then taught his nephew how to blow it

Boy rested, contented smile on his face
‘Twas not too long when brightness lit the place
Soon after—shepherds’ shouts and running steps
With the commotion, boy no longer slept

Leaping, awake and alert, from his bed
Shepherd’s nephew followed to inn’s cold shed
They all found man and bride smiling greatly
To them, the best thing to happen lately

And finally, at length, and now at last
Our young boy did make his new horn to blast
Put to lips, the shepherd’s horn has been blown
Sound blared, the meaning suddenly is known

Starry, cold night in old Bethlehem town
People gathered from near and all around
This newborn baby, a king to behold
Jesus, the Christ, just as prophets foretold

The Light of lights is born and now has shined
In these, our world’s very darkest of times
Shepherd and nephew have beheld the King
And ushered in His reign with trumpeting

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