Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Caught In The Act"

I found myself needing him
Never thought we’d fall to sin
He embraced me
Then disgraced me
And left me alone again

I started to sob
Then came an angry mob
Broke down the doors
Dragged me on floors
Even kids began to cod:

 “Married, married!
 Quite contrary!
 How d’you like the taste of stone?”

Postponing the task,
They pause to ask:
“Worthy teacher,
How would Moses reach her?”
Strain to see thro’ teary mask

Ignoring my hurt,
He draws in the dirt
Now he rises
Sees their disguises?
“The sinless may throw first”

 (Glaring, staring)
 Stones they carried
 One by one they drop, echo

I am shocked
I was not rocked!
He looks me in the eye
“None to condemn, nor shall I”
True love unblocked

He turns to leave
I long to cleave
Stops at the door,
“Go. Sin no more.”
I am, of shame, relieved

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