Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Tossing And Turning"

My bed is comfortable
My linens are cozy
It’s not that I can’t sleep
I don’t want to
The dreams I have frighten me:
Flames of fire, eternal burning!
All night long
Tossing and turning

The temple is packed this morn
The birds are selling
The sheep are shorn
Money changes hands with a grin and a wink
"It is a good day," I pause to think
A flash—a memory from last night
Fear grips me, I’m on my knees
There it is! The fire I saw!
It’s in his eyes
Chaos and noise!
Shouts and alarms!
Boxes tossing, tables turning

Who is he?

Another sleepless night
But now I must know
I venture out
To greet this man—how?
A compliment will break the ice
But he turns on me—that fire in his eyes!

I was wrong: this one’s a loon!
Wants me back inside my mother’s womb?

He speaks of earth
He speaks of wind
He speaks of love
 greater than my sins

The fear is gone
But questions remain
All night long
Tossing and turning
Something deeper, inside me yearning

Who is He?

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