Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"One Foot In Front Of The Other"

Cold air slaps you awake
Faces smile and photos take
Flurry of activity as you wait

A song is sung by all who’re there
Several now, with uncovered hair
Hand over heart, if you dare

Summoned to gather at the line
Arranged by best guessed time
Breaths held as tension climbs

A mighty blast the starter gave
Bobbing heads in a wave
So it begins for the brave

First of many corners rounding
Voices no longer loudly sounding
Hearts and feet, in rhythm pounding

Seems forever that you’ve done
In reality, only just begun
Proof is passing mile number one

Easily, steadily borne along
With the crushing, pulsing throng
Soon enough, the line stretched long

The sun shining down on my face
Concerned only with finishing this race
Steadily, steadily goes the pace

Take a break to tie your shoe
Halfway there and now some goo
Tiger’s eye on a silver flue

Many on the road, traveling east
Not all are runners: traffic’s increased
Only those who partake enjoy the feast

Pain increases with each step
Could have stayed warm and slept
Pushed through, joy from the depth

Round the bend, refuse to whine
Running hard across the line
Race is done and I am fine

Crowd of witnesses strain to see
A wiser One paid the fee
Life—it’s not about me

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