Saturday, November 17, 2012

"You Want Cheese, Chesterton?"

Nothing’s quite better
Than pie a la cheddar
Or roast beef and Swiss
Served by a part-time miss

Now that I consider
(Your essay—what a winner!)
I realize that the cheese
Was not really what you mean

Outward march of urban sprawl
Made cookie cutters of us all
Persons under a steeple
Are now just lumped into “people”

Finely wrapped but flavorless bits
Just as fact’ry cheeses gave you fits
God made each—unique in His way
Trends and molds have taken that away

The countryside, where Creation peeks,
Glimpses of a kaleidoscope: souls who speak
Gifts, talents individualized
Sprinkling spice on our sacred human lives

Pris’ners to our own fast-minted design
Why bother thinking? Can I not just resign?
But God sent Jesus and made us all free!
(Hungry interruption: have you any brie?)

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