Tuesday, June 24, 2014

“A Letter Of Unrequited Love”

Dearest S,

It’s time you learned the truth:
I am deeply, deeply in love with you
And have been since long ago

I’ve sent you flowers
And jewels,
Invited you to parties,
But you never came,
Hardly seemed to notice

I’ve written pages and pages of songs,
Just for you
I yearn to sing them,
Just for you

I’ve seen you in the arms of another,
I raged, full of fire and heat
I suppose—even though we’ve never really met
—I’m jealous

When once I thought you’d gone for good,
I wept for days upon days:
A flood of bitter tears
I've taken up painting since then,
Keeps me going thro' the years

I even built a house, perfectly laid out,
Every stone and archway with you in mind
The land it’s on is cut thro’ by a river
And there are vineyards, orchards:
The most fragrant fruit ever
O, the wine we could drink!

I long to kiss you all over
And run my fingers thro’ your hair
While whispering sweet intimacies in your ear

And if ever you should see
Our initials carved upon a tree,
Know this, Beloved—that was me

This letter,
It is finished

With most passionate affection,

P.S. I eagerly await your response

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