Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Far More Precious"

Rubies are red
Sapphires are blue
A pile of these
Would be faboo

Em’ralds are green
Diamonds are white
All demand work
To bring to light

Digging real deep
Slaving away
Labor and sweat
Hoping for pay

Hidden away
There was a stone
Diggers threw out
Worth was not known

It has this shape:
Fear of the Lord
All is revealed
Glorious hoard!

Breaking through rock
Our effort? Nope
Wisdom Himself
Paying for hope

1 comment:

sean said...

God gave me the seed for this poem when I "randomly" opened my Bible to Job 28. It's a beautifully poetic passage about wisdom. I read it several times and then wondered what G.K. Chesterton had to say on the topic. I opened my GKC quotes book, turned to the W section, and found lines from a play in which one character quotes, of all things, Job 28.

God is good!!