Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Ears To Hear"

A second shift
‘cause ben-Yaaqob
said he was sick
Prob’ly faking again

It’s getting cold,
should build a fire
Working half-souled,
watching a rooster sleep

Abrupt bustle
A Roman squad
on the hustle
Assigned to go along

Across the brook
I raise my torch
and take a look
Twelve men in the garden

They look simple
I saw that one
in the temple
Wha—Suddenly supine!

A flash! A cry!
The big one’s sword!
I’m ‘bout to die
Mutter quick: whispered curse

Can’t hear, bleeding!
If ben-Yaaqob
is home reading…
If only ben-Yaaqob!!!

The one which we sought,
he has come quite near
Just what has he wrought?
It’s back! My right ear!

They rush Him off now
I fall to my knees
and in my heart bow
I hear, and I see

Perhaps he is sick
Could he too be healed?
ben-Yaaqob needs quick
to know: This is real

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