Saturday, September 17, 2011


Off a plane
In Honolulu town
Greeted with petals
Of smile and lei

Sun has touched
Horizon far
Maybe dawn—
Light’s first wake?

Blended berries
Smooth and cold
Passion for a
fruit frappé

A twirling lady
Arms extended
Not ballet
Not even dance, per se

Week’s end
A welcome kiss
Love arrived
No longer away

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sean said...

For my 7th-grade English class, my students had to read Helen Keller's The Story of My Life this summer. As an assessment, I assigned them to write a color poem for someone who is blind. It challenged them to think beyond what their eyes tell them something means. To say the least, the results were stunning.

In the process, I said I'd write a poem too; it was nearly a unanimous decision that I should write about fuchsia, so I did. Enjoy =)