Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Spirit Poem I"

The Lord is good
His mercy endures forever
But is that enough?
I don’t want His goodness
I don’t want His mercy
if I don’t get Him with them

You oh Lord make life worth living
You oh Lord make breath worth breathing
You oh Lord make grace worth faithing

You are so good
You are so good
You are so good
You are so good

Father God, Lord Almighty
none compares to your beauty
Your majesty outshines the stars
Your holiness is holy
Your love knows no bounds, defies dimensions
Blessings be unto Thee, O God
for You are holy, holy, holy


Jesus, the name above all names
no other even dares to compare
For you are holy
Your mercy endures forever
You are good
but I don’t want your mercy, your goodness
if I can’t have just You
just You
just You

Son of man
Unequaled by any other
Son of God

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