Monday, July 28, 2008

"Spirit Poem II"

This is you Lord
What would you have me say
I write as you speak
I’m yours
Speak Lord speak

You make me strong when otherwise I’m weak
I love you I love you
You love me You love me

God is good all the time
all the time God is good
Jesus is Lord Jesus is Lord

Where’s the reason, the rhyme?
What, Lord, should I type?

I let my fingers flow as I yield to you
What are your words, Lord
What are your words?

You inspired men of old
and now you inspire me
With pen with keyboard
I write for you
for you are worthy you are worthy

Where’s the message? What’s the point?
I write for you instead of smoking a joint

You are my high when I am down
You are my low when I am up
You bring stability, firmness, foundation
No drug can match you
No drink can touch you
No substitute compares
You O Lord bring breath to my bones

I don’t want a new drug
I don’t want a huge hug
unless it’s from you unless it’s from you

Only you are a good Substitute
for me on the cross
for me in the grave
for me

in hell

I rise with you Lord I rise with you
Death could not hold you
Hell lost its grip
You are free you are free

and so

am I

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