Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Archer Of Archers"

I saw a man seated on a mountain
Raining down arrows like a fountain
Arrows sailed but failed to kill
Instead blessings poured forth from the hill

I must have been mistook
So I took a second look
Not just a man I’d glanced
But rather Him, the One they’d lanced

There He sat with bow all bent
Having aimed, His arrows sent
His eye was notorious
His bow was glorious

Hewn of hues, these special seven
Covenant sign from Holy Heaven
Made just right of refracted light
Arrows arrows, piercing the night

His blessings abound like a river
He rains down arrows from His quiver
So lower it, lower your shield
But only to Him should you yield

Speak out your needs as a prayer
You’re the target so be prepared
As sure as love, as swift as a lark
God never ever misses the mark

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