Monday, September 26, 2011


Chemically: crystalline carbon compound
Commonly consumed as coffee, Coke
Choices? Consider chocolate
Craziness careens corners

Attitude and attention adjuster
Autumn afternoon activator
Accelerated activities
Ask another altruistic answerable

Fathoming fatherhood
Folgers: fresh or frozen
Foolish frolicking
Fickle frazzled frog

Favorite flavor?
French fanilla (fun!)
Famous for flying
Fan for “FREEDOM!!”

Endurance enhancer
E’erlasting elixir
Endocrine epoxic effects
Essayist endorser

I, internal igniter
Interestingly included
In iced infusions
Imagine: ignorance imploded

Nosy noisy neighbors
Night-time ne’er-ender
Negative nightmares…
Nice neanderthal!

Everyone’s elated
Elliptical epiphany!
Elephants eat evergreens!

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sean said...

My students are doing acrostics this week. They said I had to do one too. I think I'll share this one with them tomorrow also.