Friday, July 13, 2012

"Epic Thistle"

Fell, O bee leavers,

Stine wheeze eat tings trait
Cheese is slurred, lettuce top the eight
Olive Arty references
Olive Arty nom in a shuns

No one, duh, know won want stew joy
Wee! Are shelves doughnut a greed?
Dew wee fall! Oh, Doc Trinn, soft mint
Order weird dove-cod: rice the slurred

Bad ties come, you can fish, Lee
Rink, stance: tie the plea
Half wee! Eva’s top two bee leave
Hat wee! Ken word’s hip inn you knitting

Aching dome've arts
Whit cheesy sat this tart
Top Ted, I’ve hide
Lettuce wok tug ether
And an and hand sighed buy sighed

Sun-seared Lee,

A. Kristy Ann

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