Friday, July 27, 2012

"So Thirsty"

So thirsty
So tired
Third time to the well today
Watering my man’s sheep
When do I get a drink?
So thirsty

Now this other guy wants a drink!
Not happening—he’s a Jew
Any water from me would be “unclean”
Now he offers me—crazy loon!

“Never thirst again,” says he
Now this, this I have to see!
He wants to meet my man
(Even though he’s really not mine)
Will I ever be worth anything
 as just me?

So thirsty

He knows!
But how?
He must speak with God

A question burns
So thirsty
I ask
He answers
O, what an answer!

My vessel shatters
I run
Tell everyone I meet,
“Come see! Come see!”

I’m quenched
But they—
so thirsty

“Come see! Come see!”
Watering His sheep

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