Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"A Shepherd's Witness"

So long ago it was foretold:
a savior would be born
Just listen and I’ll tell the tale
before this sheep is shorn

In Caesar’s reign it was decreed:
all men must register,
so Joseph took his virgin wife
to Bethlehem, yes sir!

This virgin carried holy child
despite the fear and shame
She said yes to the Spirit’s will
and Jesus was his name

Twelve years and now the child had grown
into a strapping lad
His parents thought he’d run away,
but they could not be mad

They found him in the synagogue
a-teaching the old men
He asked them why they fretted so
his Father’s work, not sin

In Cana Town, a friend was wed
The steward called for wine
There was none left, for all had drunk
Declared his mom, “It’s time”

He told the waiters what to do
They filled the water urns
The steward tasted wine and said,
“First place this groom has earned!”

This wine sign was the first of more:
he healed and raised the dead
The greatest thing he ever did
was one that he would dread

Gethsemane! Gethsemane,
the garden of distress!
The place where Jesus did cry out,
“Don’t make me take this test!”

He cried and sweated drops of blood:
he was in agony
The Father heard his “Ne’ertheless,
your will not that of me.”

Judas Iscariot did plot
his own financial gain
Betrayed him with a sign of love
That night was filled with pain

Our man endured a mocking trial:
he heard them testify
The governor did wash his hands
and let them crucify

He gave his breath upon a cross:
a painful death, it’s true
Though he had died, they pierced his side
He bled for me and you

Three days did pass and he was mourned
His friends gathered in fear
An empty tomb was all they found
“He is no longer here”

Disciples, they were shown the proof,
for forty days allowed
And then, outside Jerusalem,
ascended he in cloud

I have my lamb, my yarn is done,
but this is not the end;
as John declared on Patmos Isle,
our King shall come again!

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sean said...

My first ballad!