Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Eastward Is My Heart"

A rusty gate,
Renewed by oil,
Broken by
Blazing blade
Light, life return

Fountain of fresh
Gurgling, happy water
Crystal clear
Overflowing life

Ordered rows
Carrots they look
Carrots they are not
Gems in bloom

Cavern looms
Echoes boom
Someone else's empty tomb
Hidden: treasure room

River flowing
Orchards growing
Arched bridge of stone
Winepress made known

Carved seat
Where fish leap
Catch an idea
If you can
  While you sleep

Roses with no thorns
  Passion incarnate
Dew on my lips

Vines and pines
Steep, steep steps
Up, up, up
Following the river

Eagle too
Tending what grows
While I am away

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