Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"A Poet's Stroll"

Tree lined lane
Row of houses green
Celebration of a now gone holiday

Stop sign at a crossroads
Home remaining
Or journey taking?
Two country roads meet
One, a dead end
The other, a loop
Both going nowhere
Turn around
Turn around
Go the other way

Pile of leaves and stones
Mixed with trash
Ought not be

Fire rages
Bright orange
No, trash disposed

Curving around
House for sale

Grounded boat
Cannot float
Holey hull

Fireplug in the woods
Hidden source of power

Chewed out post
Unseen pest
Not the only one

Water trickles
Barely flows
Where do you think it goes?
No one knows

Smoke over water
Presence over people
Flowing, flowing
Going together

Dead tree by water’s edge
Clinging to life
Hope against hope

Crisp leaves underfoot
Crunch, crunch, splunch!
Oops, found a puddle

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