Thursday, September 30, 2004

Aventyr: "Illumination"

A cave—soon forgotten—lit by a single flame
A grotesque flame perched upon
          the unfleshed head
          of a human long dead
Dreary red candle
          melts down like blood
          I shudder to think
          it might be wax
Mystic energy,
          evil and dark,
          emits from the candle’s light
This cannot be!
          This must not exist!
Darkness and light?
But no, it’s true
          it’s true
No other light...
          it’s most certainly night
The candle becomes my obsession
          all else fades
I ponder the candle,
          this incarnation of paradox
Why does it glow?
          How does it burn?
The eyes of the skull—
          those vile sunken holes
          —bore deep into my soul
Light brings life
          or at least it should
This brings naught
          ‘cept maybe fear
And as I stare
          —nothing else I dare—
          deeper I sink
          deeper I creep
          deeper deeper
                    to the deep

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