Thursday, September 9, 2004

"Reflections On A Forty-Something Goth Girl"

She’s the teacher!?
Where are her shoes?
  Oh they’re boots!
I wonder if it hurts
  for her to pick her nose
  with that metal ornament
  poking through.
Channeling? Astrology?
  Dear God, help me
  to help them!
I’m gonna have to stand strong:
  God’s Word is truth,
  all else is foolishness.
Is her hair black
  or bruisish purple?
  Either way it’s unnaturally sickening.
Daily morning meditation, huh?
  On what?
  Can’t be worthy and good
  (i.e. God and His Scripture)!
The reason I endure this class
  is because
someone, someday
  will be affected by my stories.
  Maybe he’ll be
  pulled and broken,
  changed and restored by
  the Holy Spirit.
  In that case,
  praise God! And thanks for letting me help!
Why does she wear a cross
  of sorts?
  What does it mean for her?
    Do I really want to know?
Where are her shoes?
Do I really look like Hugh Grant?
  I don’t get it.

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