Thursday, September 30, 2004


          I stand at the edge of a cliff;
     My future looms before me
      Begs me answer: “If?”
     Behind me,
     my past beckons,
     warm and comforting—
     A forest
     wanting me to stay;
     I want it too
     But my path
     lies forward:

     I look
      over the edge;
     fathoms upon miles
     gaze back at me
     I cannot
     see the bottom
     but I’m sure
     it’s there


     I turn back,
     seeking solace
     among the trees
     But I can’t
     go there,
     not now:
      I’m here!
     I’ve no choice
     but to leap

     full force into my future

And trust God to guide me.
After all, He’s brought me this far.

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