Wednesday, January 22, 1997


There are questions without answers.
There are problems without solutions.
There are employers without employees.
There are leaves without trees.

Are these things orphans, 
Like a child without parents? 
Or are they things that are meant to be, 
Like unanswered pleas. 

There are peas without pods.
There are rings without bells.
There are classes without teachers.
There are churchers without preachers.

Are these things alone, 
Like grumpy old Scrooge? 
Or are these things part of a bigger whole, 
Like the stars and stripes on the tall flag pole? 

There are passengers without plane.
There are pilots without stove.
There are pictures without frames.
There are children without games.

Are these things abandoned, 
Like a lost little kitty cat? 
Or are these things parts of life, 
Like a man without a wife? 

There are cases without lawyers.
There are wheels without axles.
There are braces without teeth.
There are hangers without wreath.

Are these things hopeless, 
Like a dead soul’s search for life? 
Or are these things well to do, 
Like a ghost who accepts death with a “boo”?

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