Wednesday, January 22, 1997


Graceful as an eagle, older than the world.
This creature is barely legal with its wings unfurled.

Breath of flames and blood of fire,
This creature is large and has many blames, but it can soar higher than the highest spire.

Many legends have told how menacing and evil
Is this creature of old, whose scales were formed upon an anvil.

Wings of leather and scales of iron,
He comes to bring bad weather and to make infants start cryin’.

Slain by a knight, so noble and true.
This creature is still a great fright to me and everyone, even you.

Grasping a crystal ball, soaring through the air,
Climbing up a steep, steep wall, this creature lays souls bare.

Living in caves and eating magicians,
They are heralded like knaves. “None are left,” so say statisticians…
But I think they’re just wishin’.

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